Midnight Muggles! UCB Theatre hosts a very Harry Potter weekend

The first part of the final Harry Potter film is in a cinema near you now, and the folks at the Upright Citizens Brigade have gotten into the spirit, with two special shows at midnight this weekend at the NYC theater, and one show on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Tonight is Harry Potter musical night with "The Kirk Cameron Repertory Players," as they "improve upon" JK Rowling's series, inspired by former kid actor and now born-again conservative Christian Kirk Cameron. 

Starring: Michael Kayne, Ryan Dunkin, Rachel Bloom, Michael Martin, Tim Dunn, Natasha Rothwell, Sarah Claspell, Kirk D'amato, Jonathan DeMuth, Don Fanelli, Amber Petty, Mike Still

Saturday's midnight show will host the Hogwarts Improvisational Society's championship face-off, naturally between Gryffindor and Slytherin. The teams:

GRYFFINDOR Justin D'Ambrosio
Katey Healy-Wurzburg
Connor McClure
Pam Murphy
Mary Regan
Achilles Stamatelaky
Shannon Taing

SLYTHERIN Chelsea Clarke
Nate Dern
Lauren Hunter
Jeff Lee
Jaime Skinner
Stephanie Streisand
John Trowbridge

Not to be completely undone, the Los Angeles branch of the UCB is putting on an all-star Harry Potter and the Hogwarts talent show at 10 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, featuring…

Matt Besser as Severus Snape
Armen Weitzman as Harry Potter
Mookie Blaiklock as Ron Weasley
Riki Lindhome as Luna Lovegood
Kulap Vilaysack as Voldemort
Stephanie Allynne as Hermione Granger
Joe Wagner as Hagrid
James Pumphrey & Joe Hartzler as Crabbe & Goyle
Meghan Falcone as Ginny Weasley
Jon Glover as a Dementor
Drew Droege
and more!

If you need brushing up, you can always apply for a class at Hogwarts Tech:


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