A brief note, a promise and an appeal as year three is in the books for The Comic’s Comic

On a Friday afternoon three years ago this week, I sat down to my laptop in a hotel room at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and stopped filing stories as an employed newspaper reporter and began a new voyage as a full-time self-employed online journalist. Or as you likely refer to me, a blogger.

I launched The Comic's Comic because nobody else was legitimately covering comedy on an equal footing with the other performing arts. Three years later, as comedy itself has boomed once again, the new media landscape has rushed in to take advantage of it in one form or another. You can click around and take a look if you want. I'll wait.

I'll even point some out to you.

If you like to laugh, then you should know of these sites that now regularly produce and distribute funny videos: Funny or Die, College Humor, UCB Comedy, The Onion and Atom.com. I could spend plenty of time every day simply embedding their latest videos for you, but I'm sure that they would enjoy your traffic on their actual sites just as much, if not more. Bookmark them. Make them your friendly diversions when you want a chuckle. If you want to see some funny original series, then check out My Damn Channel. Rob does a great job of finding talented people and letting them create original series. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Jokes.com, which collects just about every Comedy Central clip you want (just about). And the Huffington Post's Comedy page seems to collect everything going on in comedy in one place, and kindly links to me.

But if you really want to dive down the rabbit hole and learn as much as possible about your favorite comedians and find out what's really happening in comedy, I continue to strive to give you unique and original information you cannot find anywhere else, every day. Every once in a while, somebody will ask me who my competition is? My reply: Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times. Whenever Itzkoff scoops me with breaking news or a great interview, I like to remind myself that he has the namepower and the financial backing of the New York Times. Three years after I started my adventure into full-time online journalism, I remain a one-man operation. No venture capital. No ad sales team. I do have Google ads, and TypePad kindly places ads for me, too — though I'll be willing to sell you space on my site, just ask. So I rely on you. The more of you who read The Comic's Comic, the longer I can continue to keep it running. If you like what I'm doing, please spread the word. If you really like what I'm doing, please consider making a donation. I have a gold Donate button on the sidebar on the left side of this page — directly below the recent comments box — where you can do so via PayPal.

It looks like this. Don't worry. I won't be making direct fund-raising appeals all the time. Just now.



To earn my keep, I promise to do an even better job in covering the world of comedy. More interviews, more reviews, more insight, daily. To that end, check my site next week. Thanksgiving week. To gear up for the holiday shopping season, I'm going to review all of the stand-up comedy specials, CDs, DVDs and books that I haven't yet reviewed this year. There's a stack of them on my desk and in my DVR. By Thanksgiving, I'm going to get to them all. If you want me to review yours, and you need my mailing address, just ask.

I'm also in talks with various organizations about adding new features and delights to the site, to give you even more of an enjoyable experience with your comedy learning. Coming very soon!

Because you deserve a comedy site that keeps you in the know now, and clues you in on the comedians and comedies you'll want to know about in the future.

Thank you for reading The Comic's Comic.

Sean L. McCarthy

Editor and publisher since 2007, when he was named New York's Funniest Reporter. Former newspaper reporter at the New York Daily News, Boston Herald and smaller dailies and community papers across America. Loves comedy so much he founded this site.

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  1. I would like to donate, but I promised Shecky Magazine my donation.
    The Comic’s Comic is an incredible site. Great job Sean!

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