Bad joke: Cardon Ellis sneaks knife through airport security, brags about it, gets arrested

With all of the talk about the TSA "Sophie's Choice" — have someone look at you through X-ray glasses better than the ones advertised in the back of a comic book, or have someone grope your boobs and balls? — at our airports this week, you might have missed this would-be joker who went awry last week in Utah.

Meet Cardon Ellis. He's an aspiring comedic actor. He has made some "funny" videos with Lauren Scala — last seen filling in as traffic reporter on Today in New York on NBC's Ch. 4 — for a company called DiamondShark. Here's his wit at work:


Oh, you read the headline and want to know about that knife at the airport joke, do you? Here you go. Ellis was at the Salt Lake City airport to catch flights back to NYC last week, when he decided to test out the TSA security. He did so by bragging about it to a fellow passenger in line, according to the federal complaint. When the feds arrested and booked him, he claimed as an alias: "Good Looking."

Here are the initial and follow-up reports from local TV in SLC.


And the follow-up.




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