Comedians love to talk about "killing" onstage, but Jamie Kaler took it to another level earlier this month in Ohio at the Columbus Funny Bone, when a female audience member celebrating her 40th birthday apparently began to choke during his set. Other audience members rushed forward and performed the Heimlich maneuver on her, and escorted her away. All while Kaler stood onstage, examined the situation, then awkwardly commented on it with a brag.

Roll the clip!


Chris Hardwick points out that Kaler described this incident later on a podcast called Road Stories. BTW, during the podcast, Hardwick suggests Kaler not putting this clip on YouTube. Fun fact!

You can listen to it here (fast-forward to 17:55 for Kaler to begin talking about what happened halfway through his 8 p.m. Saturday show — "nobody laughs," he says, before describing how he added a half-hour to get the crowd back, including a callback to the choking for his closer!):