Every comedian has a story about a hell gig, and after last night, Charlie Murphy has a new tale to tell.

To say his headlining performance at Wednesday night's homecoming comedy show for Grambling State University did not go well is an understatement, but doesn't need to be stated, because it's on video. The Gramblinite reported that the student body welcomed Murphy to the stage, after two opening acts, with a standing ovation, but after he asked the students to get their Chappelle's Show references out of their system, things did not go well from there. "As he delved into trippy terrain, the audience tripped out on him. Stray boos echoed," they reported.

By the time this student took out a camera to record Murphy's performance on video, the crowd was at times deathly quiet, then nervously chattering, and then more boos. Watch what happens next…


Yes, that's right. Charlie Murphy, staring straight into the abyss of a show gone wrong, asked to have his $22,000 check presented to him, tossed it to the floor, and with the finality of a "fuck you," left the stage. Show over.

Here's how he followed up with his followers on Twitter:


And two hours ago, he added this Tweet @cmurphycomedy: "GSU has the most intelligent Black People in the nation. Can't wait till you run the world."