Greg Behrendt reminds Dane Cook that the “chicken situation” is one of Behrendt’s classic bits

In the latest episode of Walking The Room, a podcast with comedians Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony, they spend the first 15 minutes talking about Dane Cook and my recent interview with him.

Why would they do that? Because before my chat with Cook began in a restaurant, Cook asked the waiter to bring him a "chicken situation." A chicken situation? That sounded all-too-familiar to Behrendt, because, well, that's a bit he tells on his 2005 CD and DVD, "Greg Behrendt is Uncool." Roll the clip! Oh, wait. Embedding not allowed.

Click to view: Greg Behrendt, "Chicken Situation."

Listen: Episode 23 of Walking The Room with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony.

Hmmm. So. There's that. When Cook and I sat down to talk, it seemed to me that Cook's interaction with the waiter was merely one of those things Hollywood types do when they're rich and famous and feel like they should be able to have whatever they want, no matter what's actually on a menu. I didn't think he was trying to steal Behrendt's bit. Borrow it, maybe? Because I don't think he expected me to include it in my profile. For Behrendt, of course, it's not only personal but also professional. Because "chicken situation" is his thing.

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4 thoughts on “Greg Behrendt reminds Dane Cook that the “chicken situation” is one of Behrendt’s classic bits

  1. I hope Dane Cook doesn’t order the nachos, ’cause that’s kind of my thing. I’ve been ordering nachos for a long time. If I ever get an HBO special, I will order the nachos deluxe. (Although that would be weird because I’m not a comic.)

  2. I don’t think Cook was trying to do Greg’s amazing material, but Cook has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar sooooo many times.

  3. If Dane didn’t have the reputation of being a thief, nobody would have thought twice about it and just figured he’s was quoting a comedy thing. I think it was innocent in this particular case, but it shows how you have to dig yourself out of past transgressions.

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