When I heard the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham was penning his autobiography and doing it with the voices of his dummies, I wondered how in the heck that would translate to print. Well, not to worry, necessarily. Because Dunham also is releasing an audiobook narrated by him of the memoir, "All By My Selves: Walter, Peanut, Achmed and Me." Both the book and audiobook come out Nov. 2.

Here's an audio player in which you can hear a few snippets from the tome, in which Dunham reveals why he wasn't so embarrassed to have all of his high-school yearbook photos include him with a dummy, the moment he moved out of Waco, Texas, and the origin of Achmed's eyeballs. Take a listen.




Dunham is in the midst of a North American arena tour that runs through January 2011. His publicist notes that he has sold more than 6 million DVDs. That's a lot, people. You already can pre-order the book via Amazon.com.