Day: September 16, 2010

Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate bring “Bestie x Bestie” back online with a new set of personal revelations

Want to see what Jenny Slate is up to these days? For one thing, she and comedy partner Gabe Liedman have a fresh new installment of their series "Bestie x Bestie" — they uploaded several episodes previously way back in January 2009. (Related: See their first first episode on Vimeo) In each episode, they reveal a little bit more about each other. Here's what they think about books. Roll the...

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Paul Scheer answers your questions and then some about watching season two of The League on FX

Until I find the path to reblog something from Tumblr into TypePad, we're going to have to rely on the ol' tried-and-true method of the cut-and-paste. Which is to say, look, people, Paul Scheer is one of the stars of FX's comedy about fantasy football called The League, which starts its second season tonight, and if you're wondering whether or not you should be watching, then Scheer can help answer those questions for you. To wit… Q: I hate football. I don‚Äôt like Fantasy Sports. I‚Äôm not watching this show. A: Wait! Not a problem. This isn‚Äôt the BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW. You don‚Äôt have to know anything about Football or Fantasy to enjoy the show (although if you do you get exactly 7% more laughs per episode). The show is more in the style of ‚ÄúCurb Your Enthusiasm‚Äù basically it‚Äôs just about people in their mid twenties/early thirties realizing that they are adults and not really liking that responsibility. Oh and some dick jokes too. Q: I hate the Cast. Especially you Paul Scheer. A: Hey. Not Cool but also not a problem. If you don‚Äôt like the main cast, don‚Äôt worry we have plenty of amazing Guest Stars – This year we‚Äôve had amazing guest stars like ROB HUEBEL, MARTIN STARR, LESLIE BIBB, MICHAEL HITCHCOCK, LINDSAY SLOANE, CRAIG BIERKO, JASON MANTZOUKAS, IKE BARINHOLTZ, COLTON DUNN, BRANDON JOHNSON, plus...

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