Spend a half-hour with Kyle Cease as he explains the mindset of comedians (VIDEO)

Just watched this new 26-minute interview with Kyle Cease, which isn't really so much an interview as it is an infomercial for his "stand-up comedy bootcamps," although it's not so much an infomercial as it is really the whole thing. In a nutshell.

Did this save you a bunch of money? Did it make you want to spend all of your money on a bootcamp? And by all, I mean all $299, with a money-back guarantee, as Cease himself tells me. Does it change your mindset at all on Cease, hearing what he has to say about the typical mindset of a stand-up comedian, and what it should be instead? Let me know, after you've watched him make his case. And if any of you ventriloquist dummies don't know why I'd ask questions as if this is an issue, then you haven't read any message board debate over this. Also: Kyle Cease himself says in this video that he believes comedians tend to have the wrong mindset, and wants to right it. Did he? Could he? Roll it!

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70 thoughts on “Spend a half-hour with Kyle Cease as he explains the mindset of comedians (VIDEO)

  1. I attended the Stand-Up Boot Camp that Kyle Cease offers. The program was set up to not only teach me about what it takes to become a better Comedian, but what I can do differently in life to make an impact. The lessons learned and the friendships and contacts that have been made are worth every cent. I am truly thankful for the chance to have attended Boot Camp. This video is a great “refresher” to what was discussed at Boot Camp. Very inspiring words that could help you through troubled steps that we may have in life as well!
    Thanks Kyle

  2. I have had the opportunity to work with Kyle and I can’t tell you what it has done for me on stage and in life. I have been able to break down personal barriers that have been up my whole life. I feel I am finding my voice at a much faster pace due soley to the help of Kyle and my fellow students. Although I am fairly new to comedy it was something I always wanted to do. The strides I have been able to make have been amazing. I am now setting goals and reaching them! I can’t express how much Kyle has changed my life.
    I am forever greatful,
    Roy Brewster

  3. relax dude. I dont think this was meant to be an informercial at all. He mentioned bootcamp in the first 30 seconds and then at the end and that was it. take it easy turbo.

  4. I count myself among to fortunate comics who’ve had the opportunity to work with Kyle at Boot Camp. The impact that he’s had on not just my comedy, but my life is immeasurable. I happily paid the admission to attend. I also paid tuition to get my college degree; I see no difference. What I’ve learned, who I’ve met, and the friends I’ve made are worth far more to me than the money I’ve spent on Boot Camp. New opportunities have arisen as a direct result of what I’ve learned from Kyle. It’s true that no one can teach you to be funny, but you can learn how cut through the bullshit and get to what you’re really about. And that’s what I got from him. I’m a better comic, getting better all the time thanks to Kyle. He is genuine, sincere, and loves helping other comics.
    Larry Long

  5. WOW!! What an impact this interview has. I have been to three boot camps and I have to say that this siminar for either two or five days which ever you are able to attend is WELL worth it. I am an up and coming Comedian and just like everyone else who might think if its worth the time and money, I am Honestly telling you YES!! After attening the first camp I felt different and more confident in myself, that I even changed up a lot of my material to do just real life situations and to tell my story. The type of knowldge Kyle Cease gives you through out the siminar invovles more than just comedy but how to live your life better with/out trying to control everything and just let things happen. I have to be real and say that Kyle has actully been more helpful than my own biological father! Kyle buddy thanks for the help!!
    Thank You,
    Eric Murphy

  6. You know, I really don’t understand why people are bitching about bootcamp. Have any of these people actually attended? If not, shut the hell up!!! There’s always going to be haters and this is no exception. Chill the fuck out.
    I attended Bootcamp in Hollywood and it not only lit a fire under my ass to pursue comedy, it has helped me tremendously in my everyday life. I’m an artist, stand up comic and hairstylist. On top of the connections I made and all the information that I got, what I walked away with was a need to stop judging myself and my talents and let them flow through me. I came back into the salon after attending bootcamp and rocked it because I learned to let go of my attachment to the outcome and just be me.
    Kyle is an amazing person onstage and off and has helped me grow as a comic in the short 5 months that I’ve been doing this. He’s teaching us what he’s learned and how to skip making the same mistakes he made along the way. Isn’t that what life’s about, sharing your experiences in hopes that it makes somebody elses life a little easier? It is in my book anyways. If you don’t already have talent as a comic, this class isn’t going to magically pump funny into your veins. What it will do is help those of us with talent develop our acts, find our voices and advance us in not just comedy but in the world. Artists go to art school and pay THOUSANDS of dollars. Actors go to acting school. Why wouldn’t a comic go to a comedy class? Give me a break. Maybe if the people who were bitching about this the loudest put the energy they’re putting towards this into their acts they’d be headliners by now.

  7. Much of the criticism over what Kyle has been doing has focused on the idea that “you can’t teach funny.” I particularly liked how Kyle addressed that he’s not claiming to be able to teach funny. More so, Kyle’s focus is on helping people work through their shit that holds them down and help them better reach their true potential.
    The other big issue I’ve seen criticized most is that money is being made. In my opinion, comedy is like any other performing art where you can better yourself by learning from professionals in the field. Many actors, artists, musicians, etc. take classes and learn from those who have experience/success in the field… Hell, even improv comedy is like that (try breaking into Second City or iO without going through their classes). What is so wrong about trying the same thing in comedy? I’m not saying it should be a set standard that comics take certain classes or go through certain training, but if those methods make some person a better comic, and you’re paying for that service to become a better artists, what’s so wrong with that?
    I attended Kyle’s bootcamp last summer, when I was 1 year into standup, prior to much of the press or debate around them. Since then, I’ve left my former employment in education to pursue comedy as a full-time career and currently make a modest living earning all of my income through comedy (stand-up, writing, and video work)…. this occurring 2 years since I first stepped foot on stage. I owe a significant amount of that success to Kyle.
    I think what sometimes gets misconstrued about Kyle/bootcamps is the idea that people can pay money to skip ahead and will instantaneously be good/great comics. I am a better and more successful comic from working with Kyle…. but not because I paid money and automatically skipped ahead, it’s because through bootcamp I realized I needed to shift my focus, try new approaches on many things, and bust my ass more…. A lot more! You still need to get on stage as much as possible, write as much as possible, network, etc. Attending bootcamp will NOT mean that you no longer have to drive 2 hours each way on Thur/Fri/Sat night to do emcee work (because driving each night and paying for gas is cheaper than a hotel), and it will NOT mean you won’t have to drive 14 hours straight for some feature work in the middle of Wisconsin, and it will NOT mean you won’t have to eat balls at a dive bar on a Tuesday night open mic in front of some drunks who didn’t even know there was comedy…. – these are all things I’ve experienced last month Р…. But attending bootcamp WILL help motivate you to work harder at becoming a better comic, it WILL help give you a more clear vision of what you want and how to go about getting it, and it WILL provide you with some fantastic networking opportunities both with aspiring comics and professionals.
    On a side note, since attending bootcamp about a year ago, I’ve spoken on the phone with Kyle many times, done several shows college shows with him, done guest spots at a few of the Improv’s, and made some really great connections… and if you’re wondering how much I’ve paid Kyle in the last year for all of that, the answer is $0.
    I’m not saying bootcamp is for everyone, or will give you all the success and answers you’re seeking in life. I don’t think it is or will. However, if you’re looking to better yourself as a comic and would like help better identifying with what you’re actually trying to accomplish, bootcamp is an excellent resource and has definitely benefited me.
    That’s my $.02.
    Oh, on a side note, when I first attended bootcamp, I had a lot of “fat guy” material…. And after talking to Kyle, I got my shit together and have lost close to 70 pounds in the last year…. So I guess that kind of makes him an asshole, as I had to write more new jokes. Thanks Kyle, ya jerk.

  8. I don’t know why so many people are wasting their time trashing Kyle and Stand-up bootcamp. all i have to say is this, and Kyle touched on this in the interview, all the time people take to say , oh he is just selling something, or oh was this interview an infomercial, or whatever thing it is that you have against all this, you wasting time, time that you could spend writing, developing, performing, but instead you have to find every excuse as to why something is something that it’s not. i am very angry because a friend of mine, and a thing that i care about are being beat down and thought of as wrong. Kyle is a great teacher, a great comic, and a great friend. and why anyone would even care and try to talk people out of going to bootcamp, or even have to bring it up in a negitve fashion everytime Kyle does and interview is beyond me. i have gone, to 4 bootcamps, and i will tell you why. and if you disagree with this that’s cool but i have gone, because people alwaYS SAY, oh you know open mics are free, you can’t teach funny, the only way to get better is to do it. you know kyle has never said he is trying to teach funny, and if you watched the video, which isn’t an infomercail for bootcamp, and if it was so what, people need to grow up. Kyle is changing lives, and helping people. the next person to give bootcamp shit, should tell firefighters that they dont care about people they just do it for the money. people care about people, and i can list of hundreds of people who bootcamp has changed their life, me included, and i dont know any comic who would be against doing stand up comedy for 12hours a day, no facebook, no tv, no drinking, no negtive issues just comedy for a weekend, what’s cooler then that. so watch the video and just know that kyle is doing a good thing. and grow up a little bit. i just want to say that i love bootcamp, and all the people i have met, and Kyle Thanks buddy, and never give up, and never quit, you will change the world, and stand up comedy, and you have lots and lots of people who will take the journy with ya

  9. Everyone I know that attended Boot Camp loved it!! The only people who have anything bad to say about it are those who have never been…and likely the ones who could benefit the most. There are professional standards in every industry. We learn the norms from education and applied experience. Not just our own experiences. Everyone has something to teach us. Attending workshops and continuing education is what makes us open to growth. I get that there are a lot of classes that are scams. However, boot camp was not that. I learned some amazing things from boot camp.
    The experience left me inspired to push myself on different levels. I learned I still have more questions than answers. But that is a good thing. When we stop questioning and searching, we stop growing. By day, I am a teacher. I even earned two masters degrees in the field of education. I was taught how to teach….
    Michael Jordan was taught how to play basketball. Name your favorite athlete, musician, actor, artist….they were all taught how to hone their craft. That’s a good thing!! But enough said….I have jokes to write 🙂

  10. These comments are amazing. I’m so glad to see everyone talk about what this has done for them.

  11. I’ve attended three of Kyle Cease and Louie Anderson’s Bootcamp. I’ve found this to be a group of people who are genuinely engaged and genuinely devoted into helping you succeed. Kyle’s right you can’t teach funny, but you can teach habits that will help to get you where you need and want to be. I’ve started to focus more on my voice, sets, networking and have been growing faster and understanding comedy better than ever before. I’ve learned tactics and skills that have made me more marketable and a better comic with a stronger sense of community and greater excitement to go after my dream.

  12. KYLE CEASE is amazing, I attended the 5-day bootcamp in L.A., I am from B.C. Canada, so with the exchange it cost me even a little more, plus travel, plus accomodations, plus food. It was hands down, the best 5 days of my life. The people I met, the contacts and great friends I made is priceless. Hearing all the different comedians different perspective was immensely helpful and I cannot thank Kyle enough. It really has changed how I look at comedy as a career and has pumped me up and given me a drive I didn’t have before. Again, I am from B.C. Canada and I plan on going to as many more bootcamps as I can around the states, and I am more than willing to pay the extra bit of exchange. I consider Kyle to be one of the reasons I keep pushing for my ultimate dream job. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Kyle and everyone involved in the Stand-up Bootcamps!!

  13. I even let some of these guys stay at my place when they came. Chet Wild slept on my couch. I had to buy a new couch after he left, but I’m just glad he had a good time.

  14. I have always loved and admired Kyle and Louie as comedians, but when I attended StandUpBootCamp, I got to see and know them on a personal level. Now? I love them even more!!! I love that they have started this for comics…not only is it a good place to network and make life long friendships with people who are just a bit off their rocker’s like me, the information they provide and teach is invaluable!!! For those of us who have been privileged to attend these Camps, we already have a pretty good idea that we are funny, ie: class clown, fired from job or jobs due to extreme craziness, entertain people in Church or Jail (voluntarily and involuntarily), etc. So, since we know that we have ‘something’, we attend. Kyle and Louie have taught us how to ‘perform’ from our hearts with our mouths!!! They have also taught us about the business, the marketing, the do’s and don’ts of comedy, etc. It has been completely amazing!!! I recommend this class to anyone who has ever dared to dream of performing!!! I also think it is an amazing class for those who are in the public arena or for those who frequently do public speaking…take this class and you’ll hear no more snoring from your audience!!! I have attended 2 BootCamps and I loved every minute of both of them!!! I think comedy is the greatest of all talents, but probably the most underpaid and underappreciated. Thank you Kyle and Louie for giving a voice and stage to all of us, love you both!!!

  15. I can’t understand all this fuss that’s being made by people who haven’t even been to bootcamp. You seriously can’t criticize if you haven’t experienced it. Well, you can, but then you’d look like an asshole. And if you have experienced it, you know that Kyle and all the comics he brings together come from a sincere place and are super generous with their time, energy and insights.

  16. This video was very informative & made a lot of sense.
    And after seeing first hand the results…
    Focus on what is real, many students have went into this with nothing but a plane ticket and 300 bucks to set course, and came out with successful careers/future endeavors. Did this project fuel their fire? I don’t see why not. The aftermath of this golden opportunity was that something popped. Something brought them to their best.
    Keep it up Kyle & Louie. No one can stop you.
    -Dan Nelson

  17. One more thing I’d like to add to my previous post…I have to be true to myself so…if there are any ‘haters’ out there…take the BootCamp!!! Take it!!! If you refuse and continue to be haters, contact me, Rosee Mirich on facebook, so I can schedule your ass-kicking!!!

  18. Bootcamp is the best thing I have ever done in my life. Some of you might read this and think “oh well you must not have been doing shit” but I really dont care what you think honestly. Bootcamp is something that helps to guide comedians in the right direction in the business, a great way to network and great place to learn as well as get motivated. This is whats funny, people will pay people to be their financial advisors and trust them with their money but are quick to bash something like bootcamp. Bootcamp and I guarantee all will agree who have attended, is like a financial advising appointment. People think that its all about teaching people how to be funny but its not. Who wouldn’t want financial advising in their career about how to book gigs, approach managers and the whole 9?
    Bootcamp also releases you from forcing material and shows techniques that will help to allow you find your voice and have the material come naturally. I have been to 4 bootcamps because of its effectiveness and the atmosphere it has created. Kyle Cease is a great person with over 20yrs of experience and combined with Louie Andersons 31yrs of experience isnt a terrible place to get knowledge from. If someone has been coaching basketball and playing it for 51 years wouldn’t you think they would know a little bit about how the game works? and if you were a player looking to excel your game, wouldn’t you ask them for advice on how to grow if you had the chance?
    bootcamp- get some

  19. This video is hardly about the Bootcamp. It is about experiences a man has gained in his lifetime.
    If you think that the lessons he has learned are dumb or don’t apply to you, great. Sorry, you wasted your time, but I bet that if you really listen, a couple topics spoke to something you are currently struggling with.
    Life is about evolution. Most people I have ever met are not truly happy with their current life conditions and struggle to grow out of them.
    This video contains insights that most people never come to realize on their own. Why is that bad? Is helping people grow bad? How much money is thrown at drugs(legal and illegal) and psychologist to help ourselves cope. I bet the number would upset you.
    Is Bootcamp worth it? Obviously, no one can answer this for you. If you go, hate it, and demand a refund for your wasted money, I bet you would get it back. It’s clear that no one who has attended feels this way.
    I would spend so much more money to see all these professional comics performing, let alone meet each one, and get to hear their stories and advice. Where on the planet can you find this kind of place?
    What Kyle and Louie have done is create a place like none other. It’s creating such a stir and commotion for good reason. It opens opportunities and connections that, if taken advantage of (you still have to do the work), will help you grow in all parts of your life. I’ve met people who don’t even care or perform comedy (musicians and public speakers) attend these events and say how beneficial they were.
    There are comedy classes all over the country that cost more than Stand Up Bootcamp and can offer nothing in terms or real experience and advice from countless headliners. And they don’t all say the same thing. Not even close! It’s not like Kyle has a script and forces everyone to talk about his philosophies. You get to hear the opinions and thoughts of people who made it.
    Why would you be opposed to that? And at the very least, opposed to others doing that?
    But again, the video’s not really about Bootcamp. It’s what Kyle has to say. Bootcamp is a kajillion times bigger. With better audio and 3D graphics.

  20. I don’t get the energy spent towards hating something.
    Even friends of mine that are “bootcamp haters” have to admit that spending 8+ hours a day for four days straight thinking about, listening to, writing and performing stand up cannot be bad.
    I think the money I spent on Bootcamp was well worth it.
    If you get no other message than to just “be authentically you” it would be worth the money!

  21. I think these comments speak far louder than the original, biased, negative post. Everyone who attended stand up bootcamp knows that the money involved is inconsequential in comparison to all the irreplicable pep-talks administered.
    What’s worse, these “bloggers” (read: hate mongers) wont have enough faith to paypal me 299 dollars to get their hands on my brand new comedy tincture. Made from only the finest snake oil, it is sure to make you a billionaire headliner in a matter of weeks.
    Your loss, Negative Nancys.

  22. I’ve attended four of the bootcamps including the one at the Comedy Store and it has been an incredible experience. Kyle Cease has done a lot to help other comedians by creating opportunities for networking, growth and the open exchange of ideas and encouraging people to dream big. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the whole experience.

  23. What Kyle offers is something is rare that people have to automatically assume it is a scam. Kyle is a genuine, caring guy who knows the ins and outs of the biz. I learned a million things from him, and sure much more in the future.

  24. Hey guys, right now if you sign up for our newsletter at standupbootcamp.com we are giving out a bi-weekly newsletter with tons of tips and free information, videos, blogs, and more. Were also going to be giving away free tickets to people who subscribe. Subscribe now!

  25. In every profession I have been involved with, there have been Continuing Education requirements, so I am used to taking classes to stay current with my profession. I have never come away from any class thinking “wow, that teacher was just trying to take my money”. The price was always announced ahead of time, and people had the choice of signing up or not,i.e., it is available for those who want it. I have taken 3 Stand-up Bootcamps with Kyle Cease and Louie Anderson, and I was very impressed and inspired from the start. I have found that my comedy writing has become more honest and connected to who I really am. Plus, I am writing and performing much more than ever before, and really excited about my career. My focus is stronger and I am treating this, my career, more seriously. Could this have happened without taking the Bootcamps? Who knows?! For me it wasn’t happening. All I can say is that Kyle and Louie, and all the other top headliners who share their insights at the bootcamps, are sincere about helping us succeed. Of course we could find headlining comics on our own and get their opinions and advice for free. But what is wrong with people having an honest business where these opportunities are provided, and people can either take the class or not!?! As far as Kyle’s interview on this site, he is simply describing the world of comedy and being honest as performers, allowing our intuition to guide us, and finding our voice or point of view. As a comic, I can hear this information over and over, and always gain fresh insight. It isn’t an ad to take the class, and even if it were such a creature in this society of free commerce, so what?! Thanks for initiating this discussion. If you are a comic, I am sure you would actually enjoy taking the stand-up bootcamps as Continuing Education courses for your profession!

  26. I feel obligated to throw my 2 cents in on this as I hear a lot of comics “hate” on this “Boot Camp” in person and online and my initial reaction is “why?”. We are all guilty of pre judging things…I fuckin hate TrueBlood and this whole Vampire craze yet I have never saw an episode. The people hating on this I bet have never been to his “Boot Camp”. It seems he is trying to make an effort to “boom” the scene as he says and anybody that is trying to bring live comedy back to where it was or even better than it was in the 1980’s has my support.
    He does claim he can’t make you funny which I appreciate because I don’t think anyone can make someone funny overnight but you can definitely help people learn the business a lot faster with help though. I remember when I first started doing stand up I’d leave the mic right next to me (a huge no-no) it took 6 months for someone to tell me that I should put it off to the side. If he can help people with the little things like that and more importantly with the big things like conquering fear of stage (which hurt me when I first got started) or the “psychology of comedy” as he puts it then AWESOME…If for nothing else I thought the clip was pretty motivational as I came home from the gym and was ready to lounge in front of TV to watch Monday Night Football and instead dragged my ass out in the rain to a club where I can “show up N’ go up” and had a great set.

  27. I attended Kyle Cease’s comedy bootcamp and not only did I leave with superior funny skills, but he also hustled me on a pallet of Himalayan Goji juice.

  28. I think stand up is arguably the most difficult of all art forms; theater, tv, film, music, etc. You are on a stage by yourself, if you don’t say something, the room is silent.
    Yet, unlike those other art forms, we dont have “vocal” coaches, “acting” coaches, yet stand up is quite possibly the most difficult of them all (even though personally, I see being in a band way more difficult having to REALLY depend on other people to achieve your goals, but thats just me)
    Kyle and Louie have created something that isn’t a “$50 comedy class. Learn set ups and punchlines” SUBC is a vehicle for up and coming comics to meet with other comics to create a network across the US. That alone could be worth $299 to anyone who wants stage time in other parts of the US.
    On top of that, SUBC shows you several ways to approach your stand-up career with a positive mindset. For some reason, it became the norm for comics to have negative outlooks. I dont think that has to be the case.
    Not to mention all the comics that come and speak at the bootcamps: Kevin Nealon, Russell Peters, Ralphie May. Not many places on Earth can you find all these people under one roof, giving advice and answering questions.
    I’ve heard comics say “hang around the clubs in LA, and you’ll get the advice for free.” I don’t think I’d want to walk up to Ralphie May at the Laugh Factory after his set and ask “hey how did you get into stand up? Whats your writing process…?” Thats not tactful. At least at SUBC, its expected that he’ll do a Q&A. The nuggets of advice those comics give can also be worth the price of bootcamp alone. Also, not everyone in the US can hang out at the Melrose Improv or Comedy Store every night, hoping to grab a comics two cents on stand up. If you do get to the clubs in LA and get the advice you’re looking for, awesome! That means you should appreciate the position you are in, and soak up as much info you can; instead you could take bootcamp to network with comics across the US and get stage time.
    Long story short, because of Kyle and Louie, I went from working at a casino full time, to being a full time working comic. Im only 3 years in, so I have plenty of growing to do, but I pay my rent with comedy. And its been the best time of my life.

  29. what you see are comments mad from people who all believe in something. and wanting to share with other people what they believe, and it’s the brotherhood, and the family aspect of bootcamp that is amazing. so if you want to not be part of something that is gonna change the face of stand up comedy then that’s cool, but we do, and we will make it happen as a team, because i think so many people only care about the greater good of themselves, which is funny, because in doing so they help people, we all help people, and what’s funny is when people say oh don’t go to that club it sucks, or don’t do bootcamp the will rip you off, well who are you to say that. let people make their own choices. and if you don’t have anything nice to say, just for a second try and find a postive, and focus on that. we are all too tight assed, let’s have fun, keep up the good work kyle.

  30. I think Mr.Sean L. McCarthy(creator of this pitiful excuse of a review) is nothing more than a pretentious/ignorant fool;trying to capitalize and draw some attention from other pretentious fools in the comedy world…Sad little man,sad 🙁

  31. sign up for our newsletter at standupbootcamp.com, were doing a bi-weekly newsletter with all kinds of cool stuff like videos, blogs, tips, student announcements and schedules, and other cool stuff. Also, by being a subscriber you will get a chance to win a free ticket to one of our events every 6 months. YAY!

  32. YES HE DID!! I attended Bootcamp in February because I didn’t really know what to do in Comedy. I had my own voice, I got alot of laughs, was getting alot of advice from other comics, so I went for direction. As well as to find out if I believed in myself “on stage” enough to pursue a career in comedy.
    It was well worth the $ I spent for me, I LOVE Kyle & Louie… what they said, what they do, how they are willing to help us and believe in us. Not everyone in Bootcamp is going to be a great comic, hopefully I will 🙂 but even if I am not at least I did what I wanted. Some figure out that it’s not for them (which is worth alot).
    Kyle & Louie network with the people who attend bootcamp, they are the supportive yet rational voice we would all like to have.
    There is no way I’m going to be able to share all my experiences in this comment but I will share one… I went to Kyle’s house to pick something up after an “oddition” I stood in line 2 days for this, during my 2 min. “oddition”… game show music started playing very loudly after 5 seconds… I kept going…20 secs in, one of the people stopped me to get the music shut off then she said go ahead, I said can I start over (hind site should have just done it). She says thats OK we’ve seen enough… REALLY?! Kyle helped me put that “oddition” in perspective & I am actually now happy in hindsite I didn’t get it.(I didn’t ask him & I certainly didn’t pay him, although what he said was better than gold).
    Kyle is a very warm, honest, intelligent person and he & Louie are helping alot of comics. I understand why people would be so cynical, jealous, or just want to make fun of it. Laugh it off Kyle – we love you, you are an inspiration, money can’t buy what you & Louie give! Tari Lynn Crompton (TLC) https://www.TLCcomedy.com

  33. “I just got a MASS EMAIL sent by KYLE CEASE asking everyone in his “Bootcamp” to post positive comments on this board. thats all.”
    I didn’t and I’m on that list I believe. Anyway, what’s been said so far is the truth. Haters gonna hate. Some people don’t like seeing others do well and\or helping people. Whatevs. I’m a better comic for it.

  34. I went to the Bootcamp ran by both Kyle and Louie Anderson last June, and then the followup camp called Creative License. I had started doing standup in April of this year and I wanted to learn as much as I could about this profession. I found it to be a great confidence booster and also very motivational. I attempted things that I would of normally assumed I couldn’t do. My daughter has hydrocephalus, and because of the confidence I gained and the motivation I got, I was able to put together a Comic Showcase for this charity and host it. Next year I hope to make it even bigger and better. I’m not a working comic yet and I knew going into these bootcamps that I would not be hand-walked to stardom. There are no coat-tails to ride offered by Kyle or Louie, just info that can help a person help themselves,so to speak.

  35. the funny thing about all these responses is… who cares. watch the video. this guy has no idea what he is talking about. he contradicts himself. repeats the same things over and over again with a couple different words. it is stupid. all the people standing up for it… are stupid.
    stand up boot camp is a joke and anyone who says different will never make it in comedy. lets keep all these names and check in 10 years. that will be the only way to know. to know that nobody from comedy boot camp ever made it further than the 5 minute showcase they did at the end of the weekend.
    thats all.

  36. Here’s the straight no bullshit scoop on Bootcamp. First of all you’re offered a money back guarantee, can you really go wrong? My hats off to those comics that paved the trails to stand-up prior to bootcamp. In Minnesota, standup is very strong, without bootcamp, I would have never known how to get involved in the art. It’s been a blessing, from our MN bootcamp we have comics that are now touring and have upcoming shows on Showtime, etc.
    I’ve been able to open some Restaurants and Theatres into having comedy showcases, I wouldn’t have even thought of doing this if it were’nt for bootcamp. I’ve had touring comics stop by the shows to do a set or two also a few that have been on Letterman and Leno. If it weren’t for bootcamp I wouldn’t even know how to approach these comics, it’s fuckin cool!!!!
    Turns out I’m much better at MCing showcases than actually doing stand-up, but can do it if I choose to. Also, as far as finding jobs as a comic in this great economy(yeah) I’ve been asked to put together a comedy showcase at Corporations, local Colleges, Restaurants and Theatres. So, Was bootcamp a great investment? 100% yes!

  37. I have attended 2 boot camps and they have changed my life. i didn’t learn how to be a better comic. i was already a better comic, i just didn’t know it yet. Kyle got me to find myself and find why I became a comic in the first place. Kyle is just passionate about something. No one can even come close to having a passion about anything more than Kyle has a passion for comedy. In this business you can either have respect or success, but never both. Kyle has success, so therefore people are gonna disrespect him.
    I am proud and honored to have been apart of the early bootcamp. Anyone who wants to talk negative about Kyle and bootcamp, quite frankly needs to go to a bootcamp to see what it truly is all about. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  38. Dear Mr. Mark Thompsin, you’re a dumb fuck!
    I went to bootcamp; Hopefully your in MN, I couldn’t tell with your fake URL and spelling Thompson wrong. I challenge you to a 5-7 minute set you pick the club, audience decides the winner. We’ll see if bootcamp is worth it or not! Bring it Fuck!

  39. YES HE DID!! I attended Bootcamp in February because I didn’t really know what to do in Comedy. I had my own voice, I got alot of laughs, was getting alot of advice from other comics, so I went for direction. As well as to find out if I believed in myself “on stage” enough to pursue a career in comedy.
    It was well worth the $ I spent for me, I LOVE Kyle & Louie… what they said, what they do, how they are willing to help us and believe in us. Not everyone in Bootcamp is going to be a great comic, hopefully I will 🙂 but even if I am not at least I did what I wanted. Some figure out that it’s not for them (which is worth alot).
    Kyle & Louie network with the people who attend bootcamp, they are the supportive yet rational voice we would all like to have.
    There is no way I’m going to be able to share all my experiences in this comment but I will share one… I went to Kyle’s house to pick something up after an “oddition” I stood in line 2 days for this, during my 2 min. “oddition”… game show music started playing very loudly after 5 seconds… I kept going…20 secs in, one of the people stopped me to get the music shut off then she said go ahead, I said can I start over (hind site should have just done it). She says thats OK we’ve seen enough… REALLY?! Kyle helped me put that “oddition” in perspective & I am actually now happy in hindsite I didn’t get it.(I didn’t ask him & I certainly didn’t pay him, although what he said was better than gold).
    Kyle is a very warm, honest, intelligent person and he & Louie are helping alot of comics. I understand why people would be so cynical, jealous, or just want to make fun of it. Laugh it off Kyle – we love you, you are an inspiration, money can’t buy what you & Louie give! Tari Lynn Crompton (TLC)

  40. Alright, I wasn’t going to chime in until Mark (doesn’t-even-know-how-to-spell-his-name-correctly) Thompsin wondered over here from boobiehut.com…just to break out the big guns and call a bunch of earnest folks “stupid” and then back it up with an opinion based on nothing more than a hunch and most likely, a weight issue of his own.
    Holli, an attendee from an early boot camp has a comedy album coming out on itunes today, I believe. He’s also selling out large clubs, and has a regular gig at The Comedy Store. I’ll stop there. Not bad, and certainly more work than the 5 min showcase Mark referred to. I could name more, and please email me if you want, since I’m sure you’ll just say he’s a fluke. meh@uradickhead.com
    It never ceases to amaze me how feverishly people will defend their experience or how quick people are to judge it. In the end, if someone gained something positive, or learned anything at all, what’s the problem? Why try and discourage it?
    The amount of things that have come to be for me in the industry since attending SUBC have been unimaginable. The peeps behind it have good intentions, I know this. SUBC isn’t what’s gonna make you famous or funny, you are. If that’s the only thing I got from it, I’m grateful. Challenge your reality.

  41. Keep it up Kyle! You are an amazing man doing amazing things for comedy as well as peoples lives. I have been fortunate enough to witness what you have done for your bootcampers and the changes you have made in them is amazing.
    You have a great focus by admitting that you are not “teaching funny”, You are reaching into these people’s souls and pulling out the good in them.How cool is it to so something to not only make people laugh, but you are enriching their lives on a much deeper level!
    Keep it up!Can’t wait to see you again!

  42. Lots of people have written about their experiences with the bootcamp, and that is great. So instead let me hyper-focus on the video.
    #1 It does not sound like an informercial to me. It sounds like Kyle giving his philosophy.
    #2 Yes, this is what you’re going to get in the bootcamp in a nutshell. So you can watch it and decide if it’s for you. Great, huh?
    Watch what Kyle says about voice tone and how beginner comics deliver setups. I see this all the time and it’s a specific, actionable piece of knowledge you can use today to make your sets better.
    He’s not laying things out in bullet points, but there’s plenty of good advice in there if you care to take it.

  43. I think the only “hater” I’ve seen here is that douche who tried to elicit a response by ignorantly ranting about something he has no idea about. I kinda doubt you even watched the whole video, let alone attended a bootcamp.
    Bitching aside, I have attended two bootcamps, and they have, if anything, been the kick in the ass I’ve needed to really do something with my stand up. I also took an Improv class at the UCB theater in New York and that cost even more money! So what, if you don’t want to spend the money, that’s your business, but don’t try and discourage people by spreading your ignorance. Kyle trying to do a great thing by helping people out. He’s not forcing anyone to do anything. So pump the breaks hoss.

  44. I’m glad this keeps coming up. By all means, keep questioning it. That’s what we should do, always question the things you don’t understand.
    Like any typical reporter nowadays, this guys finds the one or two words Kyle says, takes them out of context, jumbles them up to attempt to prove his way off point. Worse, he claims to be a comic. Yes, by all means, take someone that cares about comedy, try to knock them down. Hell, we’re comics we’re used to a good beating. It’s what makes us get up, stronger and kick you in the teeth with laughter.
    Why don’t you listen to what the man is saying, put your hate aside for 26 mins and 5 seconds. “My goal is to reboom the scene.” Haha you people that keep hating, keep helping him reboom it, make us want to prove you wrong that much more. So, in fact, you’re helping him with his goal. You must be part of the cult mwuahahahaha!
    Attend bootcamp. Meet people. Comedy is a lot about connections. Be funny, then have connections. You can be the funniest person in the world, without connections, no one will know it. Sure, build up 10 years of connections then get people to know who you are… OR be funny, make the connections earlier and spend that time being fucking hilarious, publicly.
    I didn’t see Kevin Nealon’s portion of this interview? If this 26 mins gave me all the “class” was going to give me, where is he? Ralphie May? Josh Blue? Tom Wilson? Chris Porter? Rich Voss? No? How about Pat Proft? Nope, glad I attended in Minnesota and met him there. Sean L. McCarthy… oh wait no, that’s the douchebag writing this lame ass attempt to ride Kyle & Louie’s coat tails.
    I believe in bootcamp, because I believe in what it sparked inside me. Bootcamp didn’t make me funny, I was already funny. Hilarious actually. They showed me that it was possible. Louie and Kyle have nothing but good intentions and love for comedy and the people willing enough to want it bad enough and to work hard enough for it. Hard work, hard work, oh and more hard work. Never said it was going to be easy.
    If you’re not funny, they will tell you. They don’t kiss your ass because you paid for it. They are honest with you and what’s more, they make you be honest with yourself. Maybe that’s why all the hate, haters are afraid to be honest with themselves.
    Kyle, Louie, Kevin & others that know how important they are without being named, you are doing a good thing, with the right intentions. We know it, you know it, if they can’t see it, fuck em.
    But not really though, because based on his picture, he’s not really fuckable.

  45. This site should be called the Comic’s Critic, because that’s all it is. I’d like to see news about comedy, not a shitty version of FOX talking shit about a comic. At least FOX has accredited journalists.

  46. I’ve attended two Bootcamps, I’ve paid for both, they always light a fire under my ass. The inspirational/motivational aspects alone are worth the price of admission. Kyle and Louie are two of the most genuine, kind and generous gentlemen I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Bootcamp was an amazing experience, I use the lessons I learned there everyday. The comics I met there have been a great asset in furthering my schemes. Kyle and Louie’s continued support after bootcamp has been priceless. I don’t want to waste too much time talking to someone that will likely label me as a sucker and shrug off my words so here’s the jist, as a consumer I’m quite happy with the service I paid for and will happily support it now and in the future. On a different note, the text in the comments section of your website shows up as black over a blue background. It’s quite hard to read unless highlighted. Is there a settings page or something where I can fix this for myself? If not, I’d suggest considering it as it may detract patronage for your website.

  47. I had to comment because this is too creepy. Guys, comedy is all about making people laugh. You are making it seem like this really creepy cult. Can you please stop doing that?
    I love comedy. If I had a business card it would probably just say “comedian.” Not “artist, actor, comedian, hairstylist.” I’m glad Kyle Cease has made all of you feel better about yourselves. But it’s totally sounding like a cult. If he really wanted to make you ALL to REACH your full potential, wouldn’t he do it for free? Why do you have to pay someone else to find out how to feel good about yourself.
    I am bringing this up because everyone seems like being funny is the least important thing to them and it’s really about FEELING GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES and INDUSTRY CONTACTS.
    Just stop! It’s creepy. It’s really fucking creepy. I used my real name and my real twitter. I just had to do this because I was fucking grossed out.

  48. My experiences with BootCamp, 3 now, have been the best thing for my aspirations as a standup.
    Everyone takes what they take from anything, but, to throw negativity on top of something you don’t experience yourself, is always bad.
    I won’t bore you with my life changing stories, however, the one thing I will tell you that I appreciate from Kyle, Kevin, Louie, and all the comics and speakers, is that they teach you to know what you want from this. Not how to be funny, but to be serious about your career in this. To be serious about yourself. To be real about what you and your standup can and should be about…yourself.
    For me, it stripped away the mental barrier most standups have at any stage in their career. My progress is based on myself. But, without BootCamp, I know I would not be anywhere near where I am at today.
    I’m comfortable and confident on stage. And, I can talk about anything. That alone is worth every BootCamp I’ve gone to.
    Plus the connections are amazing. I got my hosting gig through the waiter (now standup) from the first BootCamp!!!
    Headliner comics know who you are. Not to brag about, but, just to talk to and hang with. And all the speakers love checking on your progress.
    The BootCamp comics I’ve met are some of my best friends now too. It has turned out to be the best thing I’ve experienced and I never regret it.

  49. Definition of Interview:
    An interview is a conversation between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.
    This video is not an interview. And all of you people have drank the Kool Aid.
    I’m scared.
    Thank You,
    Eric Murphy

  50. Hey Kyle Cease and desist from promoting your bullshit, ripoff so called comedy bootcamp. I’ve seen your set, and you wouldn’t know comedy if it kicked you in the balls, you has been never was. Where do you get off raping people for hundreds of dollars to give them comedy advice? The only funny bone in your body was when Louie Anderson implanted his meat spear in your ass you loser. To all watching this loser, run he’s a bad comic who couldn’t “Hack” it in comedy and now he is just trying to make a living ripping off up and coming wannabee hacks!

  51. Having attended the Aug 2010 Stand Up Boot Camp workshop at the World famous Comedy Store in LA as an observer and non participant, I feel I can voice my opinion on the subject.
    First of all, I am not a stand up comic. Yes, throughout my life I have had the desire and dream to try my hand at this career. I have attended hundreds of comedy shows, watched countless hours of comedy TV, movies and spent lots time with folks who perform comedy. Perhaps this exposure is why my daughter is actively seeking a career in the business of laughter. She is immensely funny, intelligent, and hardworking. I swear she has been doing stand up since her stage was a crib mattress. In high school she refused to get a job and instead rented halls in Legions, VFW’s, and various rooms in order to sell tickets and stage comedy shows. She has been truly ambitious and dedicated to realizing her aspirations. I am glad to see my desire and dream has manifested itself in her life and I have supported her efforts 100%.
    This brings me to Comedy Boot Camp in Minneapolis in March 2010. I pushed her to attend that event. She also thought that “funny can’t be taught” and many of her friends told her they thought it was a rip-off and she would gain nothing by attending. They steadfastly stuck by their guns and refused to support her participation; frankly many of them were rude and hateful because she chose to follow my “non-professional” advice in their chosen industry.
    On the first day of that Mpls. Boot Camp, Louie Anderson recognized her talent and they have developed an excellent, on-going relationship. With his mentorship, I have seen an immense improvement in her routine, on stage performance, and her attitude toward her chosen career. He has become a wonderful friend and mentor, sharing his professional wisdom and experience to improve her abilities and showmanship. For the first time in her young career there is a support system, real opportunity in comedy, a place in her mind secure in the knowledge that her skills do have an achievable market and there are people in the show business that truly care about mentoring the “up and coming”. She has attacked and improved her career with enthusiasm since meeting Louie.
    As stated earlier, I attended the LA boot camp as an observer and non participant. Louie and Kyle are doing the most amazing thing by infecting the group with the power of positive thinking, harnessing individual effort with enthusiasm to create a hugely powerful force. The difference in performances from day one to the final showcase is a truly amazing transformation. They criticize with brutal honesty in a constructive voice, the passion Louie and Kyle show for helping others see their full potential is completely real. I believe they have an incredible gift of mentorship and will be rewarded a thousand times over.
    I came away from boot camp and retired my dream of a comic career. I realized the creative effort and unrelenting schedules are far more of a challenge than I want to exercise at this stage in my life. I discovered my role as a cheerleader and support system are important and appreciated by not only my daughter, but her professional pals as well. I thank Louie and Kyle for facilitating that late life lesson. I can’t wait to go to another boot camp to see all the talent, catch up with friends and make some new ones and experience the incredible Boot Camp energy again.

  52. I barely have enough energy to type this because I’ve begun to learn that entering into these kinds of discussions is misdirected focus if I want to become a better comedian. I generally prefer to attempt to write new jokes and look for places to perform.
    The Stand Up Bootcamps are helpful experiences run by people who genuinely want the attendees to become better comics. While they might not be for everybody, they do break down barriers for many. Some people do have the wrong mindset about their own potential for doing comedy and one of the approach es of the bootcamps is to shine a light on those limiting beliefs and move past them.
    I’ve known Kyle Cease for years and always found him funny, helpful, and a genuinely good friend. For me, doing stand up has been an amazing journey and advances I have made in comedy have accompanied growth I’ve had as a person. My friendship with Kyle has been good for both.
    For the record, I have attended a few of his bootcamps and feel I benefited tremdously.
    I believe that if a person wants to succeed in comedy, there are many paths to success. One can certainly succeed without going to bootcamp. I imagine one could succeed without asking other comics for their advice, reading about stand up in books, studying the great ones of the past, always writing new jokes, and performing as much as you can, The formula that has worked for me has been to use as many tools in the toolbox as I had available. Bootcamp has been a very useful tool.

  53. Kyle Cease has helped me out tremendously. I attended his 2nd bootcamp he ever did, and it changed my whole outlook on life and the stage. My comedy has gotten so much better, and real, and funnier since that week. I just released my first comedy album on iTunes, and it has got nothing but positive responses. A person who bought my CD was listening to it in their car. He was laughing so hard that he took he crashed into a parked car. He’s fine! But in his words, “You’re too funny to drive with.” I am very proud of my CD. And it is great because of the things I learned from Kyle. My stand-up is at a whole new level now, and I am getting a lot of work really fast because of it. Kyle lights a fire under you that drives you to chase your dreams. And that’s what I’m doing, and I owe it all to Kyle.
    Thanks man.
    -Myles Weber

  54. Why don’t you wannabee comics read the truth from an actual talented “working” comic………what a bunch of losers you are, trying to justify spending money on an art form that can’t be taught…..Pathetic!

  55. I went to the Boot Camp in Minneapolis MN. I was very sceptical at first. Now I can say it was the best money I ever spent. It helped me unblock my self creativley. Kyle is a good man. He is helping people move ahead in comedy.
    Comic and Club owner: Joe Roberts

  56. this is fucking ridiculous. 60 comments. 3 of which are by kyle’s brother kevin. only 5 are responses to other comments. the other 55 are the exact same positive review in different words. the fact that stand up boot camp told its followers to post on this is despicable. 60 comments is about 59 more than the site’s average per article. the fact that there are people on here who are making fun of this blog proves that they aren’t regular readers and that means they came to this site solely to comment on this article. but what a better place to advertise your pointless shit then on a site that only comedians read? bound to get a few more students (customers)! and don’t tell me to not knock it before i try it. i didn’t say anything negative about the camp because it is true, I’ve never been there. I am however knocking the blatant promotion on this comment section which goes hand in hand with the rest of the crap they do. also, why make fun of the camp when someone else can do it much better than me?:

  57. “A successful man (or woman) is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” David Brinkley.
    I too don’t usually like to chime in on these types of discussions because of the futility of changing the opinions on either side of an argument. You generally will not change the mind set of either party especially once the debate becomes so heated and people regress to school yard name calling.
    Any form of education, information sharing and learning from individual comics or in a class setting like Kyle’s Boot Camp, The Groundlings or from my original comedy class at Scottsdale can only help make you better and improve your chances of success. 50 years ago to achieve a High School diploma was the ultimate goal of most people and now a basic college degree is barely enough to get you a entry level job in today’s market so now we must get Masters and more to be competitive in the job market.
    Getting to those who have done it and are willing to teach it for a price may be your choice to take to achieving your individual goal in comedy. The other way of hard work and getting on the road, hanging around and asking individual comics how they got to where they are isn’t wrong either. Neither method is the wrong way because it boils down to simply the drive and desire to succeed which gets you what you want in this industry.
    Learning from individual comics is invaluable. Closing your mind to new experiences or options to learning because you feel the “old school” way is the only way is only allowing personal arrogance to close down opportunites for growth in your chosen profession.
    I have know Kyle for many years and went to a few of his Boot Camps. I didn’t drink any coolaide and am not waiting for the comets since I understood the meaning of what was being said in the class and knew enough to take out of it only what I felt I needed to help me with my goal in comedy. I met many great comics and got some very sound advice and made some great contacts for future work.
    What I do know about the core character of the man is Kyle’s sincerety to help others. Is his Boot Camp the perfect system for success? Of coarse not, no one has that, but he has experience and I have witnessed him at the Miami Improv headlining to packed rooms only to get a standing ovation after all 6 shows. Is this the work of someone who has not learned the skill of stand up?
    Can I also say I agree with everything Kyle has told me? No… I can’t look at life through others rose colored glasses and believe everything I hope for will come true. But does that really water down his message? No because the message isn’t about you getting everything you hope for. It is about getting everything you work for.
    Through Kyle and many other means I was able to raise my game to where I have featured at a major club and I have worked with many great comics. For that I thank all of my comics friends, headliners, Kyle, Tony and many other guys/gals who paved the way for us up and coming comics.
    So as Brinkley said..keep throwing the bricks..and someone will build the foundation of their success on what you have thown away.
    Enjoy the rest of the debate…

  58. I’m not drinking any of the Kool Aid.
    Kyle Cease does not try to teach people how to be funny.
    Interestingly, Louie Anderson rarely gets criticized for Stand Up Bootcamp.
    There is no crime in making money and when Kyle and Louie eventually money on Stand Up Bootcamp, I will congratulate them. They should not have to apologize for the money that will be well earned. People that think they are making a lot of money now might be good at math but leave out important parts of the equation.
    Some of the people that attend Stand Up Bootcamp will not become successful comics because they aren’t quite funny enough and/or they won’t work hard enough. I teach high school, and some of my students will not be successful in certain subjects because they aren’t quite talented enough and/or they won’t work hard enough.
    I believe reading and education help people advance more quickly in any content area, profession, or skill. Many comics disagree. I am right.
    All art forms can be taught. That said, I doubt there is any amount of training that will make me a million-dollar painter. The same is true for a lot of wannabe comics. It isn’t Kyle and Louie’s responsibility to screen them, they are adults that have to screen themselves.
    It hurts the egos of some comics to believe that lots of people are capable of being funny with a little training. Toughen up.
    I am a reasonable adult that doesn’t need help deciding how to manage my money. I certainly don’t want advice from other comics on how to manage it – especially comics who are so against making money.
    Finally, this blog post wasn’t all that negative and the blog in general is quite good. I was actually disappointed that Mr. McCarthy didn’t take a stronger position on the video and/or Stand Up Bootcamp.

  59. If you were trying to become a singer and sounded nothing like Frank Sinatra, but he was giving a class on how to improve as a singer would you take it? If you were a painter that painted nothing like Picasso, but Picasso was giving a class… on how to become a better painter would you take it? If you were a martial arts instructor and you were 6’8″, 300+lbs (me), would you be interested to hear what Bruce Lee (who was 5’7″, 135lbs) had to say? My point is this; I view comedy VERY similar to when I trained/taught martial arts. I look to every headliner, feature & even 1st time open mic’ers to learn & grow. You can have an absolute opposite point of view as a comic or a different voice of another comedian and can still learn so much from them if you’re just open. I took the class, I recommend it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t. Pretty simple. But if you do take it and you’re willing to apply what you learn, it IMHO will help you advance in whatever you’re trying to advance in. I saw a comedy legend last weekend, come in at 3pm to watch his previous nights set to see where he could improve for his next show. This guy had been doing comedy for 34+ years. I think anyone can be open to listening to other comedians and learning. And yes I listen to Doug Stanhope and make my own decisions.
    I know some will argue Kyle or Louie or both are not the “Bruce Lee” or “Frank Sinatra” of comedy etc… which you’re entitled to that opinion, however nobody can really argue with the success they have both had in comedy, along with the many comedians they have involved with bootcamp (Craig Shoemaker, Ralphie May, Bret Ernst, Eddie Brill, Harland Williams, Alonzo Bodden, Russel Peters, Chris Porter, Kevin Nealon). If you don’t think you can learn anything from bootcamp or these comedians and it’s a waste of money, then for you, you’re probably right.
    I think all discussion & feedback is good, I think Stanhope’s article was great, cause it gets discussions going and I think people should be open to all points of views and then decide for yourself. Don’t be a sheep either way. The same people regurgitating Stanhope‚Äôs article saying ‚ÄúBootcamp students are sheep following Kyle‚Äù or ‚ÄúStand-up comedy isn‚Äôt about community it‚Äôs about being a loner‚Äù etc‚Ķ are the same people going to all of Stanhope‚Äôs anti comedy fests and taking all of Stanhope‚Äôs advice. It‚Äôs the same thing on the other side of the spectrum. And for the record I think Stanhope as a comedian is brilliant.
    In the grand scheme of things, look into the class, if you want to do it, great do it, if you don’t, don’t. If people take this class or another class and it helps them, then good for them. If you don’t take the class and you are successful, great, keep doing what you’re doing. I don’t claim to have all the answers, I really don’t have any, I just know that I’m a comedian that feels I can always improve, always learn and I will do everything I can to learn, grow and get better, whether the feedback is coming from Louie Anderson, Kyle Cease or Doug Stanhope.

  60. Bobby Bird…you are a fucking annoying piece of trash. I read your comments on facebook and you sound like a pathetic loser. Kyle is not your friend, he doesn’t give a fuck about you. It is fake. Fake because he feels sorry for you. He may think you have a mild retardation, and by your lack of proper grammer and constant weening for attention, maybe you do. But someone has to be honest with you. I am not trashing Bootcamp, I am trashing you. You are the reason Bootcamp gets a bad wrap. You and all the other Kool-Aid drinking nobodies who were told for a weekend they were somebody and now think they run the comedy scene everywhere. You can benefit from Bootcamp, but don’t kid yourself, you will never have a better understanding of comedy than other comics that put in the work. Taking Bootcamp and not putting in the work would be as bad as taking steroids and not working out on a daily basis. Just going to open mics and bragging about it on facebook is not putting in the work. I could sit and listen to Kyle talk about comedy all day, not that he is very knowledgable about it, but because he is passionate about it, and that I respect. What I don’t respect is him feeding the delusional minds of dipshits like Bobby Bird and making them actually believe that after a few years of doing comedy that they deserve to quit their jobs and go at it full time, trust me man, I have seen your shit, you are no where near ready, not saying you won’t be, but really, you’re not funny and nobody likes you. And that goes for most of you bootcampers. I am singling Bobby out because his name is funny and he posts stupid shit like, “Everyone post your videos to prove you’ve been going to open mics.” That is as bad as sitting in the middle of a shopping mall and screaming out to everyone that you are a comic, you just want attention, and you want everyone to know that you are trying to be a comic, I have an idea, how about you shut your fucking mouth and work to become one, if your product is good you won’t have to advertise it. Oh and Kevin Cease, it must be really cold in your brother’s shadow. Man, I don’t know what it would be like having to introduce yourself by first explaining to people who your brother is. You talk a lot of shit online too, but that may be from a mild retardation as well, who knows, all I do know is that everything you are is because of your brother, so don’t get jealous one day and kill him, just continue to accept your role.

  61. I attended a bootcamp and it wasn’t for me. Kyle is very excited, and that is great, but he also spends a lot of time selling, even after we’ve already paid. I did learn things that would have taken me some time and some heartache to figure out. You’ll get the same advice at any comedy club: get on stage often, don’t be a dick, make yourself easy to book.
    To the people who go to multiple bootcamps but don’t get on stage, stop, you are being duped. To the people who went and got motivated and got on stage, good for you.
    Now let’s go do something “amazing” and quit wasting our time on this.

  62. Kyle, if you’re reading this: speaking as someone who’s more than open-minded about your the value of your classes, you should know that the fact that you sent out an email blast in order to get 65 people to comment on a one-paragraph blog post reflects much more poorly on you than anything that was written in the original post. It’s an odd, unsettling thing to do that portrays your classes in a very strange light.

  63. im a high school student and i have decided to do my senior project on becoming a comedian, i heard about this bootcamp and i am very interested! would anyone be willing to fill me in on what happens and the cost???
    :)thank you

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