There's a new clip on Funny or Die this morning featuring Mark Cohen making a telephone call to a phone acting institute. Very meta. Funny stuff. Hey, did you notice who uploaded the clip? It's not Cohen. Nope. Sarah Silverman done did make this happen. Roll it.

Mark Cohen Makes A Call from Sarah Silverman

Now why would Sarah Silverman be uploading clips of Mark Cohen? Perhaps it's because Cohen played "Max Silverman," Sarah's TV father on her Comedy Central show, The Sarah Silverman Program. Yes. That's true. That's a thing that did happen.

But as you can see in this 2008 video behind-the-scenes at Comedy Central, Silverman and her cohorts, from executive producers Rob Schrab and Dan Sterling, to co-stars Steve Agee and Sarah's sister, Laura Silverman, offer up testimonials for Cohen. Sarah herself even says she thinks she should be her manager. So contact her if you'd like to book Mark Cohen for your next project!