Day: September 2, 2010

Watch and learn! Two makers of xtranormal comedy insider videos talk about their creations

Making animated videos about the inner workings and failings of the comedy club world has become a late-summer sensation for the comedy community, thanks to the technology of xtranormal. Now the comedian who posted the first "Stand-Up Comedy is Not Pretty" video, and a club owner who has posted another new entry into the field, have spoken with me about what they're doing and why. The creator of that first entry (see what I wrote and screened for you on Aug. 31) that has launched a few imitators and rebuttals wishes to remain anonymous, at least for now, calling himself (or herself) "I Am Comic" on the site Great That Sounds Fair (named for the catchphrase the stand-up keeps repeating to the club booker) and saying: "Now I just think it would be silly to come out. Who I am is really not important — and I don't think would add to the story much at this point. I am, however, glad that they caught on pretty quickly that the clip was more about what we as comics have to go through in the early stages of our careers, and not an indictment of their business practices." The comedian "came up with the theme after seeing a similar clip that involved a conversation between Club Promoter and a Musician. The intent was just to make a local inside joke between the comics. ...

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William Knoedelseder talks to Craig Ferguson about his book and The Comedy Store strike of 1979

Not sure about the timing of this booking, since his book has been out for more than a year and went paperback in July, but author William Knoedelseder went on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to talk with Ferguson about his book, "I'm Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-Up Comedy's Golden Era," which features mugs of Ferguson's boss, David Letterman, alongside Jay Leno, Richard Lewis and the late Andy Kaufman on the cover. The book covers the late 1970s comedy scene in Los Angeles, which Knoedelseder covered as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times in 1978 and 1979. Remember when more newspapers had people writing about comedy as a performing art? Ah, memories. His book is about all of the comics who flooded the L.A. clubs hoping that Johnny Carson would give them their big breaks on the Tonight Show, and how the comedians unified and organized a strike against The Comedy Store in 1979. Well, here, let Knoedelseder tell it: And here is him telling the story to David Letterman last fall, which has a different tone to it because Letterman lived it and is in the book. Want to buy a copy for...

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This is not the Stand-Up Boot Camp you were looking for: Ha-Ha Good Time Comedy Fun School

This promotional video for the Ha-Ha Good Time Comedy Fun School features Matt Braunger, Jimmy Dore, Ryan Stout, "student" Ron Babcock and others. It's clearly a parody of the actual Stand-Up Boot Camp run by Kyle Cease and Louie Anderson. Are you ready? Set? Watch! Furthermore: Way back in olden times of 2009, the brothers Cease launched their first boot camp videos. Fallout: You've read Doug Stanhope's rebuttal about comedy classes, haven't you? And Cease's response to that rebuttal? Alrigthy. All caught...

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Go, see: Michael Hartney in “So I Like Superman: A One-Nerd Show”

If you see only one one-man show about a young man obsessed with Superman for most of his life, please make it Michael Hartney's "So I Like Superman: A One-Nerd Show," currently on a run at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. The show includes a phone booth with the all-important, never-before-seen sock removal scene. And videos! "I don't want Superman," Hartney says. "I want to be...

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