After a three-year hiatus, the people and web outfit known online as Cringe Humor is back up and running, and then some.

Cringehumor In its 2010 reincarnation, Cringe Humor not only will be producing monthly shows — starting with an Aug. 25 kickoff at Comix in NYC (pictured at left) — but also offering management services to comedians who fit the "Cringe" brand. If you're unfamiliar with what Cringe Humor is, the site's founder Patrick Milligan has compiled a Top 10 list of their favorite past moments in Cringe Humor history. In short, if you like Opie & Anthony and their comedians, then you'll probably be a fan of Cringe.

As the site says in its "About Us" page: "Cringe Humor is NOT a general stand up comedy site. We cater to a very select genre of comedy and judge all other performers on it."

Just click on their Awful Comedy tab if you don't believe them.

During their Web hiatus, the site begat Cringe Humor Management and is now focusing as much on building the careers of comedians who fit their brand.

I'm not sure how I feel about "cringe" as a word associated with humor, comedy and laughter, but then again, I lived in Seattle when everyone called the music "grunge," and that word didn't always fit what was really going on there, either. And I wonder how the Cringe Humor feel about TV shows that people who don't know the site would otherwise consider cringe-worthy, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Office. If you want to see whom Cringe Humor considers cringe-worthy, click on their Comedians tab.