Mottley's Comedy Club, friends of the site located just steps from Boston's Quincy Market, got some TV show love from the Today show, albeit at a cost. First, reporter Mike Taibbi identifies stand-up Ira Proctor as Sean Sullivan (Sullivan does appear in a brief shot at the end of the report). Then, Taibbi includes a clip of himself getting onstage and telling a corny joke about a snail. I suppose if an NBC News reporter wants to go onstage and do a short set, and you're going to get national TV exposure out of it, that's just a deal you're going to make, right. Anyhow: Also saw Chris Coxen in character, Dave Russo, and Mottley's co-owner Jon Lincoln — as well as Mottley's Tim McIntire taking tickets at the door. Boston, you're not my home, but Boston, you're my home.

Wednesday nights are "bailout night" at the club — bring in your pink slip and/or unemployment check stub and you and a friend get in free. That there's your news peg.

Roll the clip!