Day: August 10, 2010

Who’s hungry for a Bologna Bowl? It’s Recipe #363 from Daily Fiber’s “The Bare Nekked Chef”

You all know how important it is to get your Daily Fiber, right? Daily Fiber Films pairs Ryan Gould behind the camera and Raymond McAnally in front of it, and so far, this pairing is comedy delicious. Their latest creation is a cooking show called "The Bare Nekked Chef," who obviously hails from the South side of somewhere. In this installment, Raymond Ray shows us how to make recipe #363: The Bologna Bowl. I didn't guess where this was going to go. Hopefully it's as pleasantly surprising for you, too. If you think you've seen Raymond McAnally before, well, perhaps you have, as he previously has landed small roles in episodes of 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie, as well as one of many ghosts in Ghost Town. Roll...

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Today Show visits Mottley’s Comedy Club in Boston, almost gets facts right while reporter gets stage time

Mottley's Comedy Club, friends of the site located just steps from Boston's Quincy Market, got some TV show love from the Today show, albeit at a cost. First, reporter Mike Taibbi identifies stand-up Ira Proctor as Sean Sullivan (Sullivan does appear in a brief shot at the end of the report). Then, Taibbi includes a clip of himself getting onstage and telling a corny joke about a snail. I suppose if an NBC News reporter wants to go onstage and do a short set, and you're going to get national TV exposure out of it, that's just a deal you're going to make, right. Anyhow: Also saw Chris Coxen in character, Dave Russo, and Mottley's co-owner Jon Lincoln — as well as Mottley's Tim McIntire taking tickets at the door. Boston, you're not my home, but Boston, you're my home. Wednesday nights are "bailout night" at the club — bring in your pink slip and/or unemployment check stub and you and a friend get in free. That there's your news peg. Roll the...

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Watch John Hodgman act with Huge Pacino in a good-cop, bad-cop scene from Front Page Films

Hey, Internet. Here's something fun to look at. It's outtakes from a film that will never happen called Masterminds, but that's not important right now, because really, it's the new short from Front Page Films, with Oren Brimer directing John Hodgman, Matt McCarthy and "Huge Pacino" (the last-minute replacement for Al Pacino, played by Pete Holmes), as they do their own version of good-cop, bad-cop on Hodgman. Where did they ever find a basement like that to film this? Oh, wait. Everybody knows. Also: Wait for it, and there's a nice moment where Hodgman zings "Huge" and Holmes at the same time. Roll the...

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Discovering a TV star: How Funny or Die found Chris Gethard for Comedy Central’s “Big Lake”

Big Lake debuts a week from tonight on Comedy Central, and the guys producing the show from Gary Sanchez Productions (aka the guys who run Funny or Die) decided to reveal the backstory on how they found Chris Gethard to star in the sitcom. As you may recall, Gethard was a replacement after Jon Heder was not a dynamite fit for the part. So to speak. Anyhow. You UCB comedy fans may think you know everything about Chris Gethard. Adam McKay and Chris Henchy want to fill you in on the other part of the story, wherein they found him in the wild and then tamed him for TV. Sounds about right. And if you don't know what Big Lake is about, then watch this extended trailer. Roll...

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