James Gunn reveals one piece of the puzzle that will become The Farrelly Brothers Untitled Comedy

What if I were to tell you that Peter and Bobby Farrelly were putting together a collage of wacky comedy shorts to become the next generation's version of Kentucky Fried Movie? OK, now what if James Gunn were to tell you that, considering he has directed Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel in one of the shorts for the "secret" "untitled comedy" film?

Elizabeth_banks_untitledcomedy Gunn did just that, posting this description on his site to clarify the photo Banks Tweeted from the set July 1:

Anyway, I’m working on what can only be called The Farrelly Brothers Untitled Comedy. There’s another name for it, but I’m sworn to secrecy. The film is a collection of completely over-the-top shorts in the style of Kentucky Fried Movie (or, a film I prefer, if only for the classic Griffin Dunne hand-puppet sequence) Amazon Women on the Moon. Each short is directed by a different director – Peter Farrelly, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, and more.

I’m directing one of the shorts, starring Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel. I can’t really say anything else, except that the short also heavily involves 2D animation. Doing the Farrelly Brothers project has been a lot of fun – for years now, I’ve been told I’m going “too far”, by movie studios, television networks, Spike.com, XBox, etc, etc, etc. Finally I’ve met my match in producers Peter Farrelly and Charlie Wessler who kept telling me to go further, make it grosser, more violent, and overall more fucked up.

He said the film is in post-production now, so more will be revealed soon enough.

IMDB isn't always 100 percent reliable, so, that said, here is what that site has listed for "Untitled Comedy."

Anyone else immediately start wondering about the segment titled "Robin's Big Speed Date," which lists Justin Long as Robin, Leslie Bibb as Wonder Woman, John Hodgman as The Penguin, Kristen Bell as Supergirl, Uma Thurman as Lois Lane, Bobby Cannavale as Superman, and Jason Sudeikis as Batman. 

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