Anya Garrett opens photo gallery exhibit on women in NYC comedy, with insight from Dr. Lisa Levy

New York City is blessed to have a few photographers who have dedicated themselves to its comedy scene, not just in taking wonderful headshots and portraits of comedians, but also in providing slice-of-life moments from comedy shows, parties and events from all five boroughs of the city.

Anyagallery-flyer You've seen Anya Garrett's work on this site and all over traditional media, as well. Garrett won an ECNY Award for outstanding achievement in postcard or flyer design for "JAR FULL OF ROACHES" (Sara Jo Allocco and Brandy Barber) and was nominated for another for her work with "BROWN AMBITION" (Carolyn Castiglia). Tonight, Garrett celebrates the opening of a brand-new photo exhibition — her first gallery show — at HERE Arts, 145 Sixth Ave., in Manhattan.

In "The Woman I'm Afraid I'm Turning Into," Garrett photographed Abbi Crutchfield, Amy Schumer, Ann Carr, Becky Yamamoto, Carolyn Castiglia, Leah Dubie, Livia Scott, Mara Herron, Ophira Eisenberg, and Sherri Eldin, as well as herself and her co-producer ‚ÄúDr.‚Äù Lisa Levy. Levy, who ran a monthly show for the past 18 months at Comix called "Stand Up. Lie Down," performed in-depth psychoanalysis on each of the comedians as Garrett observed nearby, and drew upon those sessions for her inspiration in shooting the portraits. The exhibition also includes Levy's opinions in writing and video.

“Fascination and fear go hand in hand," Garrett explains. "Any idea is incomplete without also considering its complimentary opposite. In a society that judges us by presentation alone, it’s what lies beneath – the thoughts we dare not say – that truly define us. By balancing elements of both light and dark, I hope to give my audience the complete story (1,000 words or more).”

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