Jon Benjamin Has A Van, and a 10-episode series on Comedy Central (with Funny or Die)

It's been a very good few days for comedian H. Jon Benjamin. Last week he earned an Emmy nomination for his voice-over work as Sterling Archer in FX's Archer, which already has been renewed for a second season.

Today, Comedy Central announced that Benjamin would be appearing as himself (or at least in real life) in a 10-episode sketch showcase called Jon Benjamin Has A Van.

This series will begin production in the fall and debut on TV sets and Internets in summer 2011, executive produced by Benjamin, Andrew Steele and Funny or Die, and produced by Absolutely Productions. In it, Benjamin will star as an investigative reporter who puts his own twist on human interest stories, all while traveling in a custom van. Sounds a little bit like a mix of The Daily Show and Dog Bites Man.

"Not since de Tocqueville has there been a more insightful look into the fabric of America and the people who live in it and I'm not just saying that because I read that book and you didn't. Anyway, if you hate everything French, there's a shot you will love this show," said Benjamin.

"We see this opportunity as one more step in our long march to take over the entertainment industry," added Funny or Die.

Benjamin had appeared in sketches of Important Things with Demetri Martin, and his resume also includes voicing Carl in Family Guy, voices on Assy McGee, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Freak Show, Home Movies, and Dr. Katz.

He also stars as the lead voice in FOX's upcoming midseason animated comedy, Bob's Burgers. Congrats, kudos and great news!

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