Watch and listen to Paul Provenza’s all-star soundbite trailer for ¬°Satiristas!

Have you picked up Paul Provenza's new book, "¬°Satiristas!," his collection of interviews with comedians and satirists, accompanied by photos from Dan Dion? If not, then perhaps this trailer featuring an all-star collection of soundbites, led off by the late George Carlin, will help you decide. 

You can also read my interview with Provenza about the book and his new TV series, The Green Room, with is running this summer on Showtime.

Roll the clip!

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One thought on “Watch and listen to Paul Provenza’s all-star soundbite trailer for ¬°Satiristas!

  1. Green Room has been great, hope they keep it on Showtime next year and have more episodes. I do need to get this book today. Loving the opening from Carlin, man what a guy. Thanks for the site and the info, your kind of making me feel guilty. There are only words on my blog. I’m such a Luddite for a Sys.Eng./Comedian.

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