Hey look! It’s the Del Close Marathon 12 schedule for July 30 through Aug. 1, 2010 #dcm12

If you like you some high-octane, all-star improvised comedy showcases, and would like to see them all in one concentrated neighborhood of NYC's Manhattan island in the sweatiest part of summer, then the Upright Citizens Brigade is here for you for a 12th year with the latest installment of its Del Close Marathon.

From a quick cursory glance of the schedule, it looks as though I've gotten old enough that the kids are getting themselves some of the bigger shows. Just look at the Kate Murphy theater (tickets sold separately as part of DCM12), which has slots for Derrick Comedy, Hot Sauce and Facebook on the Saturday of DCM12.

What else pops out from the #dcm12 schedule?

Friday: At UCB, Mother reunites, followed by Blaine Swen (creator of Improvised Shakespeare) performing a one-man musical, Doug Benson does "Doug Loves Movies" podcast, Shitty Jobs brings NY faves back from L.A., Horatio Sanz helps channel "Mervin Douglas," and there's a return of Wicked Fuckin' Queeyah for all of our favorite Boston-accented needs. The end of the night also features a third edition of Worst. Heckle. Ever. Kate Murphy's first night features Improvised Shakespeare, Adsit & Gausas, The Colbert Report writers, plus Sanz with "The Kings of Improv." The Midnight Show, C,C&C Improv and DeCoster are among highlights at Urban Stages.

Saturday: The UCB biggies kick off this evening's festivities, followed by popular teams such as Improvised Shakespeare, Death by Roo Roo, and Reuben Williams. Apples and Oranges is back (with Matt Walsh and Jon Glaser) and the sweet spot after midnight finds the Benson Interruption leading into Director's Commentary Live, The Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe Live, The Straight Men, One Table Infinite Waiters, and then Match Game '76 — which in years past has been the climactic peak of the DCM. If you can hang in there, you'll get popular events including a New York Mets monoscene (now with more Comedy Central stars), a strip-prov (!), the return of improvised "To Catch A Predator," a Ray Romonoscene and more.

Sunday: The end-of-marathon afternoon sessions include Let's Have A Ball, "Bald, Tall & Lutz," Mantzoukas and Huebel (which turned out to be a more-than-apt substitute for Mantziggle last summer when Rob Riggle had other work), Baby Wants Candy and the always-be-closing Walsh & Roberts fake cooking show. Over at Hudson Guild, Mailer Daemon and Rogue Elephant help close out the marathon.

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