“War Pigs” movie leads these Wild Hogs and Old Dogs to their inevitably ridiculous conclusion

I know that War Pigs was the talk of the Internet yesterday, but sometimes it takes me more than a millisecond to process reality. Or even fake realities masquerading as flash-sideways. You know what I mean, even if you pretend you don't.

So if you haven't yet clicked on the site for War Pigs and seen what's what and what's not what, let me break it down for you: Four suburban dads go into North Korea to rescue their kidnapped children back from Kim Jong-Il. Those dads are Pvt. William H. Macy, Capt. John Travolta, Sgt. Brad Garrett, Lt. Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Lloyd from Entourage as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il. I mentioned it's a comedy, right? Here's the trailer:

The mastermind behind War Pigs is not exactly the producers from Old Dogs and Wild Hogs, but comedian Gil Ozeri, who told me he's been having fun seeing the Internet wonder what it's all about. See this Reddit thread, for example. Plus he thought these recent movies needed to be mashed-up and reimagined in an even more ridiculous premise, adding: "That, and I'd love to see William H. Macy get hit in the nuts a thousand times over two hours. :)"

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