Celebrate the movie opening of “MacGruber” with these clips and quotes from Will Forte

The folks behind the SNL sketch-to-film adaptation of MacGruber really have won me over with their promotional efforts this week, and even just in the past night. How did they do it? More like how did Will Forte do it, is like it.

Forte told a story of how his mom and relatives visited him on the movie set on the very day he filmed a graphic nude scene with a celery stalk (SPOILER ALERT!), then joined The Roots to sing a customized version of the MacGruber theme song, letting us know it's earned its "Hard R" rating. With his mom and sisters in the audience. Joyous.

Also last night, Forte and co-star Kristen Wiig appeared throughout NBC's primetime lineup in a series of parodies of the network's PSA campaign, "The More You Know." Each spot spoofed the very show that was airing at the time. Nice.

Forte also granted an interesting interview with The Onion's The A.V. Club, in which he talks quite a bit about his various SNL characters, the nature of recurring characters, and more. Here's an excerpt in which he takes on the inevitable question of why make an SNL movie:

We weren’t too concerned. We just went in thinking, “Let’s try to make the best movie we can, and not worry about how it stacks up.” It does get kind of frustrating, because sometimes you will read articles that talk about it like… [Pauses.] If people have a problem with SNL films in general, they’ll just jump on it and say, “Oh, this can’t be good, because it’s an SNL film.” They’ll never even watch it and give it a chance. I’m really proud of this movie, and I hope people will give it a chance, because I think it’s way different than people probably expect it to be. I think they’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

And if you need to know more about the MacGruber movie itself, why don't you just watch the official trailer:

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