John Mulaney calls out Girl Scouts on cookie sales in his SNL stand-up debut on Weekend Update

Even three time zones away, my radar went nuts overnight tonight with people buzzing about brilliant young stand-up comedian John Mulaney, who is a writer for Saturday Night Live and got his own segment during SNL's Weekend Update last night. Seth Meyers tossed to Mulaney so he could opine for a few minutes about the Girl Scouts, their wonderful cookies, and their horrible sales and marketing program. That's really all I need to say to set up this clip. Roll the clip! We all look forward to more topical Weekend Update missives from Mr. Mulaney. That's going to happen, right? Right? Right. Roll it.

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7 thoughts on “John Mulaney calls out Girl Scouts on cookie sales in his SNL stand-up debut on Weekend Update

  1. I soooo hope this becomes a thing! I’ve never heard this bit before and would love if this was a sign of more Mulaney screen time to come.
    Finesse Mitchell did this a few times on Weekend Update with bits I’d heard him do YEARS AND YEARS before on BET’s Comic View… so, if Mulaney’s got fresh and/or topical material, I don’t see why this couldn’t become a regular feature with him or any of the other writers that do stand up.
    I’d love to see Hannibal Buress on Weekend Update too.

  2. But Finesse was a cast member, not a writer… I’m still holding out hope for this to be a recurring feature.

  3. If this turns into something like ‘The Big Picture’ with A. Whitner Brown, I will be very, very happy.

  4. I read on AST that Hannibal actually did a Weekend Update segment in dress rehearsal last week that didn’t make it to air. GOOD SIGN.
    But, I wish there were a way to see the dress rehearsal videos online.

  5. Mulaney never fails to please. Big upps! Would love to see him rock out there again. His points were all valid!

  6. Great for Mulaney! Hopefully he won’t turn into an asshole like Demetri Martin did!

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