The last time we remember Holly Montag making news in a comedy club, Montag and her friend were getting kicked out of The Laugh Factory last July and drunk heckling Chris Franjola. Nine months later, the incident apparently has given birth to Montag's idea of a career in stand-up comedy. Or at least a guest set at The Comedy Store the other night. After using an AA intro, she joked about drinking and decided to use her run-in with Franjola as a routine — although by calling him a ginger, she may have gotten him confused with his Chelsea Lately co-worker Brad Wollack. Montag then went on to joke about being an outcast not only among her real family and fake family from The Hills, but also in Los Angeles in general. Franjola was on the Chelsea Lately roundtable late last week, but I don't think they brought it up then. Hmmm. Maybe this week?

If this becomes a habit, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, we'll consider it just another Hollywood Hollyweird Holly Montag moment. Roll the clip.