Pic of the day: Carol Burnett and Jim Norton smile for the camera

There are too many people who are so fragmented about their lives, not just "red state" "blue state" stuff, but with our contemporary society making it so easy for you to fragment, compartmentalize and otherwise isolate everything you digest in your daily life. That's sadly just as true for comedy, comedy fans and even some comedy websites. They seem to think that there's only one kind of funny worth paying attention to. But funny is funny. Which is why it made me happy to see Jim Norton not only post this photo of himself with Carol Burnett, but also accompany it with this caption: "Met Carol Burnett, one of the funniest people ever. I did a Tarzan call when she kicked me in the nuts." You can be a fan of Jim Norton and a fan of Carol Burnett. Because funny is funny.


Related: Dave Itzkoff recently caught up with Carol Burnett and wrote about her for the NYT. Read it! And her book!

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