How much would you pay for a 3-D burrito?

Everything old is new again, as history and trends repeat themselves with this "new" fad called 3-D movies. Remember when this happened in the 1950s? Of course you don't. You're on the Internet, which means you're so young, you don't even remember the 1980s.

But Avatar taught Hollywood that if you gussy up your movie with big splashy 3-D, you can charge twice as much for your tickets, and therefore, that much more profit. Profit! That's what movies are all about. Profit. Good job, Hollywood. So now every movie, even ones shot in 2-D and therefore not even supposed to be viewed with special glasses (unless your eyesight is horrible and you wear prescription special glasses) are charging that much more for "3-D" effect. We're looking at you, Clash of the Titans. Just like when cinemas added "IMAX" screens that weren't actually IMAX. Good grief, Charlie Brown. Anyhow.

Here's a new video that exemplifies this nonsense, thanks to Landline TV, burritos and comedians. Enjoy.

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