It's really quite something to see the success of all three primary members of Front Page Films — filmmaker Oren Brimer recently started working as a segment producer on The Daily Show, Pete Holmes debuted his first half-hour Comedy Central Presents special last month, and Matt McCarthy has a stand-up comedy CD on the way this spring.

In their latest series, "Cashier," McCarthy plays the straight man (opposite of how you usually see him in the many Verizon TV commercials) to Holmes as the cashier. If you saw their previous series of shorts, "Hotel" on, then you know what you're in for, which is a series of slightly NSFW funnies. But first, McCarthy has to learn how to use the conveyor belt properly. Roll it!

Next, Holmes schools McCarthy on the perennial "paper or plastic" debate.

But what happens if you have fake money circulating?

And finally, Holmes and McCarthy have a difference of opinion on a classic Phil Collins tune that plays in the background. Which side on you on?