In other comedy news…or, while I was asleep at the wheel of this blog

Sometimes you have to take a step back before you can take a step forward. OK, now take a step back. Now take a step forward. Now take a step back. Take a step forward. And we're doing the cha-cha. I'm a Real Genius, this kid. You don't have to be a real genius, however, look out segues, to realize that it was a long and kind of weird holiday weekend, when it starts with the TV news showing you a guy die horrifically over and over again, then have a very Canadian Winter Olympics opening ceremony, the NBA All-Star weekend, Daytona 500, Valentine's Day, President's Day, and then realize that the only thing sillier than having big-idea rocket scientists like TED complain about having Sarah Silverman entertain them with her sassafras after they've hired her — the only thing sillier — would be to have a famous Hollywood filmmaker fly coach on a discount airline and complain about it, and have that make national news. That's when you know you picked the right weekend to take a step back from the Internet.


What did we miss? Here are some links to other things that happened in comedy while I was asleep at the wheel last week…

  • Vanity Fair interviewed Brian Posehn and Steve Agee from Sarah Silverman's Comedy Central program. (Vanity Fair)
  • If you'd like to learn more about who makes Landline TV videos and why, someone asked the guy. (New TeeVee)
  • Chelsea Handler talks about being a lady in comedy with her own nightly TV program in the current issue of Marie Claire (Marie Claire).
  • If you didn't know that Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman were married funny people to each other, then why don't you read this interview with the couple. Comedy is romantic. (New York)
  • Chortle has nominees for its own awards. Why didn't I think of that? (Chortle)
  • Craig Ferguson joined Twitter. (YouTube)
  • Peter Serafinowicz explains himself to BoingBoing. What's BoingBoing, someone asked me? (BoingBoing)
  • If you think Tim & Eric are all about bad makeup, worse actors and silly faces, well, this promo video for their upcoming season on Adult Swim will shock you! Shock you, I say! (Vimeo)
  • And finally, if you'd like to see some people who are the "cool" kids in the New York comedy scene, and by cool, I mean they won't return my phone calls, then check out the current issue of YRB magazine, which has photos of several stand-ups. (YRB)

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  1. I was wondering about that.. It would be like a rich, successful and famous person complaining about the subways being delayed.

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