First look at “Players,” the Spike sitcom from UCB co-founders Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts

Spike has set a debut date, web page and promo videos for the new sitcom Players, which co-stars the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts as two brothers who open a sports bar in Phoenix. Hijinx invariably ensues. The initial 15-second teaser showed that Horatio Sanz and Jon Daly get mixed up in the madness, and Walsh told Marc Maron on the latest WTF podcast that Danielle Schneider, James Pumphrey and June Diane Raphael also are part of the initial 10-episode season.

The series kicks off at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 2.

Based on the first preview clips, I'm beginning to wonder if they ever have any customers at their sports bar, because here is a clip in which they sit around playing Truth or Dare:

Oh, wait. I do see other people in the bar. Here's a scene in which Roberts chastises Walsh for gambling on the Special Olympics.

And here's a clip of an intervention that goes slightly differently than you would expect, except now that I've told you this, of course:

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