Day: February 9, 2010

First look at “Players,” the Spike sitcom from UCB co-founders Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts

Spike has set a debut date, web page and promo videos for the new sitcom Players, which co-stars the Upright Citizens Brigade's Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts as two brothers who open a sports bar in Phoenix. Hijinx invariably ensues. The initial 15-second teaser showed that Horatio Sanz and Jon Daly get mixed up in the madness, and Walsh told Marc Maron on the latest WTF podcast that Danielle Schneider, James Pumphrey and June Diane Raphael also are part of the initial 10-episode season. The series kicks off at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 2. Based on the first preview clips, I'm beginning to wonder if they ever have any customers at their sports bar, because here is a clip in which they sit around playing Truth or Dare: Oh, wait. I do see other people in the bar. Here's a scene in which Roberts chastises Walsh for gambling on the Special Olympics. And here's a clip of an intervention that goes slightly differently than you would expect, except now that I've told you this, of...

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Beaker’s Ballad pwned by his YouTube commenters, proving The Muppets get it once again

I don't know who is in charge over at Muppetland these days, but whomever it is, he or she really has figured outhow to tap into the new digital generation of viewers with their videos over the past year or so. This latest one, "Beaker's Ballad," shows they know how YouTube works, or doesn't. Includes a bonus appeal to Digg. Nice going. Roll...

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What if’s “banned” ads weren’t a tease? The Midnight Show’s very NSFW parody

If you do not know what NSFW means, then you have not been on the Internet during this century, because it means Not Safe For Work. And if you do not know that's "banned" Super Bowl ads over the past several years have been the worst kind of tease, then you are not a horny perv who has gone to the domain-name registrar to see that none of their ads actually ever deliver on their own NSFW promises. Well, Los Angeles UCB sketch group The Midnight Show has done what you never thought possible, by getting The Internet's Girlfriend, porn actress and comedy fan Dana DeArmond, to star in their latest video, the very NSFW version of what would happen if actually backed up their boasts. So to speak. I cannot stress enough how NSFW this is. As in, Mom and Dad, don't click on this link — instead you can go to the slightly censored Funny or Die version here. For the rest of you who aren't squeamish, roll the clip! UPDATED: Upon second thought, I'm giving you the link to the uncensored version, which is hosted on Break, and embedding the FoD version, mostly because I don't want someone to get into trouble just for looking at a comedy video on my site. You're...

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Famous people had ancestors, too. Two new TV shows, same idea: “Who Do You Think You Are?” “Faces of America”

I saw an ad for NBC's new show, Who Do You Think You Are?, and I felt like I had seen it before, when I realized I had seen it the other night on subway advertising for a new PBS series, Faces of America. They both sit down celebrities and trace back their family trees. Same exact show. You often see TV networks premiere dueling doctor shows or dueling cop shows, but with distinct plots or locations or whatnots. These two new shows both take celebrities and find out who their ancestors were, which is something we all can relate to on some level. I know I want to know more about where my family came from — did you know that I'm allegedly the direct descendant of a very very famous king of Ireland? I'll give you a hint. If you think I'm full of blarney, well, I very well may be. Anyhow. Enough about me, as they say. The PBS version which kicks off Wednesday is hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., so it has the gravitas of a man who prompted the President of the United States to host a beer summit. And Gates sits down with people like Malcolm Gladwell, so I look forward to the part when Gates explains that Gladwell's grandmother drank past her "tipping point" and decided to have sex with his...

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CMT helps Rooftop Comedy find “Next Big Comic”

CMT, cable television's country music channel, has announced it is helping Rooftop Comedy in its search for stand-up talent for the 2010 Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival with a partnership called "Next Big Comic." It's not a TV series, mind you. Rather, Rooftop and CMT have put clips online from 12 up-and-coming stand-up comedians on a CMT page called "Next Big Comic." They'll be taking your votes for your favorites online, and each week narrow the field and introduce new clips from the remaining contestants. The field of 12 becomes eight on Feb. 15, then a final four on Feb. 22. Voting on the finalists continues through CMT's "Big New Comedy Week" on March 8, in which the network will feature clips of the four contestants in between specials from folks such as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan. The winner will be revealed March 15. As far as I can tell, the prize is performing at Rooftop's Aspen festival in June. But who are these 12 contestants? Go to CMT's Next Big Comic and watch clips, then vote from among: Josh Sneed, Dwayne Perkins, Chad Daniels, Keith Alberstadt, Jessi Campbell, Jamie Lissow, Pete Lee, John Ramsey, Roy Wood Jr., Andy Ritchie, Lachlan Patterson and Ryan Singer. Good luck, all. Quotes from a press release? Sure, you bet: “CMT fans love...

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