Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown results, 2010 (Updated!)

Hey kids! The past few years, Comedy Central inadvertently leaked the results of their annual "Stand-Up Showdown." Not so this year. They're learning!

So we all really do need to tune in today to find out, if we really care who gets an extra broadcast of their old half-hour comedy specials. Do we? Who knows. You know.

I'll be updating this list as it happens.

#20 Todd Barry

#19 Chris Porter

#18 Stephen Lynch

#17 Greg Warren

#16 Rocky LaPorte

#15 Andrew Kennedy

#14 Maria Bamford

#13 Josh Blue

#12 Pete Lee

#11 Lewis Black

#10 Tommy Johnagin

#9 Doug Benson

#8 Kyle Cease

#7 Marc Maron

#6 Anthony Jeselnik

#5 Chad Daniels

#4 Lisa Landry

#3 Big Jay Oakerson

#2 Bo Burnham

#1 Tammy Pescatelli

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5 thoughts on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown results, 2010 (Updated!)

  1. I’m annoyed Klye Cease is still on this list. His act got old after watching it once.
    At least Anthony Jeselnik got some appreciation.

  2. Tammy has some balls I’ll give her that. Opie and Anthony were ripping her for getting so many votes – they played a hacky set of hers and blasted her for about 10 minutes.
    She must have caught wind..b/c she called in at the end of the show and she took it like a pro. She made fun of the set and told them how bad it was. Lots of balls, I gained some respect for her there.

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