This video has circulated in the past day or so, thanks in part to Robert Reich himself posting it to Talking Points Memo, but it dates back to July 22, 2005, if IMDB is to be believed. Yes. It's funny to see Conan O'Brien team up as buddy cops with former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. And it's not difficult to believe that Reich has a good sense of humor — I've interviewed his son, Sam Reich, who heads up CollegeHumor TV.

But what gives it a double-dose of extra fun watching it now in 2010? For one thing, Conan had no problems calling that prostitute "Coco," five years before he'd get tabbed with it as his own nickname. And if you keep watching, you'll see Donald Glover (now co-starring in NBC's Community) in what quite possibly is his first TV credit. Just the kind of fun and informative thing to watch on a Friday afternoon. Roll it!