Seaton Smith’s PSA on behalf of “safe Negroes”

A few weeks ago, D.C.-based stand-up comedian Seaton Smith uploaded this parody of a public service announcement to Funny or Die, letting white people know not to be afraid of all black people. Unfortunately, it has become a somewhat timeless message. Fortunately for Smith, however, this timeless message is quite timely satire now that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had to apologize this week for comments a new book quoted him making about Barack Obama's presidential campaign, in which he described Obama as "a 'light-skinned' black man 'with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.'" Reid has apologized; Obama has accepted; the GOP wants a lynching (ahem)! If you want a serious discussion of the matter, here's Jake Tapper's report for ABC News last night. If you want comedy, here's Seaton Smith. Roll the PSA!

Sean L. McCarthy

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