In case you were wondering how Jay Leno would respond to Conan O'Brien's announcement that he would not be joining The Tonight Show after midnight, well, keep wondering. At least for a half-hour or so. In this sneak preview clip NBC produced, however, you'll notice that while Team Conan is on the Internet, Team Jay (or would it be Team Leno?) still has many ardent fans. Of course, if you watch his show in primetime or late-night, Leno opens by letting fans rush the stage to lay their hands upon him as if he were the Chin God. Anyhow. During tonight's monologue, they boo when Leno says NBC is "pulling the plug" on him — which, still, no, they're moving you back to your old time-slot, which means you're still on the air, dummy — and cheer when he jokes that the date (which he would not be on anyhow because of the Winter Olympics coverage pre-empting everything else on NBC) coincides with the Mayan calendar. Also Leno joked that if he gained 10 more pounds, the network would let him go on The Biggest Loser. Which jokes like these, he's already halfway there. This from a guy who knows that if NBC lets Conan walk away, he'll get his full hour and Tonight Show back (and TMZ is reporting this is in the works, too). Who is he trying to fool? Roll the clip!