As long as I'm being serious, let me point you toward this newly released phone call between comedian Artie Lange and the New York Post's Mandy Stadtmiller from Oct. 30, 2009. Hardly any of it actually made it into print a few days later when the Post previewed the New York Comedy Festival, but pretty much all of it is worth listening to. That'd be true even if Lange didn't try to take his own life a week ago — it's more chilling now, naturally — but you can hear what kind of frame of mind he was in a couple of months earlier here, because he was ready and willing to talk about his life and emotions in detail, no matter what the question was. I know I have been critical of Artie Lange's stand-up recently, although that had as much to do with his fans as it had to do with what he was joking about, and I also know that of all of the idiots in Howard Stern's morning radio circle, Lange is the most lovable, and on top of all of that, know that Lange needs help. So please. Help him. If you know him and interact with him regularly, intervene. Let him know you care about him and make him get healthy. Even if you don't know him, say something. I know that Sirius XM is not firing him (saw this in Entertainment Weekly online over the weekend), but more needs to be done. He needs people to make him get his life in order.