Gallagher has reached that point, I suppose, in which he has embraced the madness completely. You comedy nerds may have noticed he gave a new interview last week to The Onion's A.V. Club, and without much prodding at all, jumps right into rant after rant. At one point, he appears to be defending himself for his NYC performance that I had the sheer "privilege" of attending from up-close two years ago and then trying to share with all of you. But really, you probably just want to know, does he still take the sledgehammer to the melons and pies and such? Yes. Yes he does. So cut to the chase this morning and Gallagher's appearance on the Opie & Anthony radio programme. Roll it!

For a different perspective that ends with Star Wars scrolling fun facts in a Gallagher FAQ, watch this clip courtesy of comedian Robert Kelly. Roll it!