The Derf Junham Show goes where The Jeff Dunham Show dares not tread in 2010?

In this new spoof on Funny or Die, comedian Rob Lathan plays a ventriloquist named Derf Junham who experiences a moral crisis during a routine with his terrorist puppet Talibob.

The timing on this is spooky, because I heard multiple reports late Friday that Comedy Central wasn't going forward with a second season of The Jeff Dunham Show — Comedy Central's people denied that any decision had been made when I put the question directly to them — but perhaps the backlash is being heard. Well, we know the backlash is being heard because The New York Times has written multiple pieces trying to explain Dunham's popularity to the "rest" of America. Somebody tell Gabe at Videogum that DING DONG! his nemesis may soon be defeated (well, not defeated so much as deflated). In the meantime, roll the clip of "The Derf Junham Show."

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