Zach Galifianakis: The Comic’s Comic interview (with Bobby Tisdale and Brody Stevens)

When I visited Los Angeles last month, I had the unique opportunity to visit the set of the upcoming movie, Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. During the lunch break, Galifianakis invited me back to his trailer, where I'd get an exclusive interview with him as comedians Bobby Tisdale and Brody Stevens (both of whom also have small roles in the film) watched. And then Galifianakis took over The Comic's Comic, and decided instead to interview Tisdale and Stevens. This is some of the edited footage. Now even more timely, since the previous Phillips film starring Galifianakis, The Hangover, is out today on DVD and just got nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy! Congrats! Roll the clip!

Fun fact? A reporter from Entertainment Weekly also had a "date" to speak with Galifianakis. So if you're wondering where this photo and information below came from, know that the EW reporter had to pick up the pieces after our silliness.


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4 thoughts on “Zach Galifianakis: The Comic’s Comic interview (with Bobby Tisdale and Brody Stevens)

  1. Awesome stuff!
    I get what he meant about not liking to discuss the “process(not sure if quotes are needed there) about his comedy. Sometimes you just know if something is funny when you write it or hear it and it can’t be taught or explained. It’s just a complete mystery.

  2. So that’s how a no-talent spazz like Tisdale gets a movie ‚Äì be friends with Zach! Eugene Mirman’s fame went straight to Bobby’s head.

  3. That was great. Made me wish there were 30 more minutes…
    Good stuff.
    as far as the process thing goes… i think it’s just different kinds of people. not everyone organizes their work life the same way. why would people reach ‘the funny’ in the same way. that being said, it’s pretty fascinating to hear commentary from these guys.

  4. I agree both with Zach and Bobby. Some movies don’t need an option with commentary. A lot of them are just hashed out, and there’s nothing worthwhile to say about the production that’s interesting to anyone.
    But I do like hearing commentary if there is something behind the funny. If there isn’t anything to say, then just leave the commentary blank.

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