Toddbarrytour Todd Barry is launching a four-city tour of New England this week, just in time for the holidays. That's why, isn't it, Todd? Here's what he told me:

"I got an offer to do the Allston club, so I just told my booking agent to 'run wild' and book some other stuff around it. I probably didn't phrase it that way, but you get the idea. I'm pretty excited about the tour, because all the cities are just a few hours apart, so I can do some of my famous "after-show partying," and then sleep late, before conquering the next town."

Dec. 10, Allston, MA - Great Scott
Dec. 11, Northampton, MA - Iron Horse
Dec. 12, New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine
Dec. 13, Providence, RI - Jerky's Bar

If you cannot catch those shows, and you happen to live in or near Los Angeles and would like to both see the Comedy Death-Ray Nativity Pageant on Dec. 15 AND receive a phone call from Barry live onstage, then you can bid on that very thing on Ebay. Bidding ends Dec. 14.