Download and watch for free: It’s Maria Bamford’s Christmas stand-up special!

Bamfordxmas1 You probably saw Maria Bamford on your TV in the past week, and if you weren't an avid fan of hers already, you may not have even known it! That's because Bamford starred in Target's post-Thanksgiving sale ad campaign.

Well, comedy fans and holiday shoppers…You have a great free gift to enjoy and share with those you love this holiday season.

Download Maria Bamford's free home-made Christmas comedy special for free!

Bamfordxmas2 As Bamford says in the opening: "This is a gift. My gift to you. A lot of things have been pretty tough this year, but not for me, 'cause I sold out. Yeah. I gave up my soul to 'The Man,' and so now I'm giving this batch of jokes to you. Enjoy!"

Sitting on her sofa with her two pugs, Bamford talks about such topics as: The Bamford family's holiday home game of emotional abuse. All of the languages, real and pretend, that she knows. A world geography lesson by hand. Mental illnesses. Relationships. Work. Religion. Other dark and unwanted thoughts (Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome!).

Bamfordxmas3 Here she is taking you on a tour of Africa. And yes, she realizes fans may have heard some of this before. "Dirty monkey dance?" But as she's quick to remind you: It's a gift. And it's free. As she also told friends and fans on Facebook, "Sell it at the Flea Market out of the back of your van with packs of socks and old phones!" Sounds like a plan.

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