Marc Maron on moving back to Los Angeles: WTF?!

My trip to Los Angeles worked out to be oddly timed — some friends and performers I've missed because they're out on tour, while others have seemingly followed me out West from New York City. I had noticed that Marc Maron was hosting a special edition of his new WTF podcast in front of a live audience on Sunday night at the UCBT-LA, so I made sure to catch that. Maron conducted fun chats with Maria Bamford, Chris Hardwick, Whitney Cummings and Doug Benson, plus welcomed Jim Earl for a poetry reading and Eddie Pepitone for a last-minute rant that included jabs at the following show's young performers who, as Pepitone said, were preparing for their next episode of Parks and Recreation. Actually, Eddie, Don Glover is on Community. But you had the right night and network.

At any rate, Maron mentioned during the podcast that he had just moved back to Los Angeles, leaving his Queens apartment behind (for good?). You can listen to all of that in a week or two. Today, though, Maron's latest WTF podcast features Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac. You also can learn more about Maron with this short video that I shot earlier this week when I met up with Maron at his home in the Highland Park neighborhood (so noted in the WTF intro) — btw, he introduced me to some of the greatest cheap Mexican food I've ever tasted, so much so that I may have to detour my rental car again to Huarache Azteca — and he talked about returning to L.A., his cats, the success of WTF with Marc Maron, and even dished about a pilot presentation he's working on for Comedy Central.

If you want to see Maron live, this weekend he's at the Laughing Skull in Atlanta with the very funny Kyle Kinane opening.

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