We've had a serious case of the Mondays in real life and on the Internets, comedy community, so we need something to lift our spirits. Which means calling upon our other comedy Community, the fun new sitcom on the NBC television network. I saw Don Glover briefly on Sunday night at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, and as we joked about how I keep seeing New York comedians during the start of my Hollywood trip, and as he prepped for his Sunday-night improv group performance, Shitty Jobs, I wanted to let him know how great this is.

In case you've been missing the closing-credit scenes (which is entirely possible thanks to NBC's strategy of making you miss them in DVR schedule overlap mishaps), Donald Glover ("Troy) and Danny Pudi ("Abed") put their Spanish class lessons to the rapping test early in the premiere season. When Abed launched a Webseries based on their study group, the rap returned anew. Meta? Meta-fun-times. Sandeep Parikh and LeJon Stewart star as their dopplegangers. Watch both and enjoy both!