Day: November 11, 2009

The Mo’Nique Show: Redefining the E in BET

The Mo'Nique Show is a daytime talk-show masquerading as a late-night party. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. While George Lopez is whipping up hysteria over on TBS with his new late-night talk-show party atmosphere, and Wanda Sykes looks to shake things up on Saturday night on FOX with her frank stand-up and panel discussions, it's easy to overlook what Mo'Nique is doing on BET. Part of that is because the mainstream media tends as a rule to overlook BET; but some of it is because the cable network isn't giving the mainstream a reason not to. Mo'Nique's show opened a month ago with Steve Harvey and 1.5 million viewers. On cable. On BET. If The Daily Show with Jon Stewart got those kinds of numbers on Comedy Central, newspapers and magazines across the country would talk about how influential that is. Oh, wait. Snappity snap snap. Seems as though we've learned that there's another audience out there for late-night television. What they get, as I mentioned earlier, could just as easily be shown at 3 p.m. or 11 a.m. as it is at 11 p.m. The backdrop signals it's supposed to be at night, and the show opens with Mo'Nique dancing down the stairs along with the band and the audience, and comedian sidekick Rodney Perry with his own chair over to the side. Mo'Nique doesn't open...

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CollegeHumor exposes Seth MacFarlane’s secret!

What do you mean this isn't a real thing? The truth is out there. And sometimes the truth hurts. What is truth, exactly? CollegeHumor plays off of FOX's recent night to honor Seth MacFarlane — which really is every Sunday at this point — and figures out the secret of his success. Usually, when you make a hit TV show, others are quick to copy you. MacFarlane already has beaten you to the punch. Yield to Zod. (Seth is Zod, and I am Kal-El? Get that Kryptonite away from me!) And yet. Watching this makes you wonder if this formula is so successful for a reason. The Cleveland Show = American Dad = Family Guy = Seth MacFarlane Animation Domination. Will it always be funny? My head hurts just thinking about it. Am I laughing at this or with this? Satire confuses me today. Roll the...

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Who are your favorite comedians? Nominations in for People’s Choice Awards, open for ECNYs

The awards season is upon us, and we all know that awards are either a silly way for people to pat each other on the back or a great honor (depending upon whether you win?), and the only thing sillier than that is a comedy award (unless I win one, or I decide to start my own awards!). And yet, here we are again. The People's Choice Awards announced their nominees for the 2010 telecast (Jan. 6 on CBS). You sometimes forget about the PCAs during awards season, but maybe now that they've included two categories aligned with the New York Comedy Festival (Mike Vecchione will accept a PCA from his share of winning "New York's Funniest Stand-Up," while Adrienne Iapalucci will receive the PCA's first "Opening Act" award from winning an online vote), you might remember it? Either way, you can go online and vote in the multiple national categories of the PCAs. Here's how they narrowed down nominees in comedy: MOVIES Favorite Comedic Star: Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, Vince Vaughn; Favorite Comedy Movie: 17 Again, Bride Wars, The Hangover, He's Just Not That Into You, The Proposal Paul Blart, you got snubbed!? Bet you weren't expecting that, America. TV Favorite TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Two and A Half Men; Favorite TV Comedy...

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