These holiday gift ideas from comedians were brought to you by eBay

Some comedians make their names via commercials, and some commercial campaigns seek out name comedians to lighten up and brighten up their brands. This new holiday gift TV ad blitz by eBay definitely falls into the latter group, going to go-to guys Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter to make you think about looking up an online auction or two for your gift ideas this winter. I saw one of Gaffigan's spots on my TV last night. There is a bunch of extra videos and insider insight on the ad campaign on eBay's site. Here is his advice on homemade gifts:

After the jump, all of the other new eBay ads with stand-up comedians!

Kevin Hart goes the domestic route with two spots focusing on his wife and family, and sneaking in some stand-up jokes.

Michael and Michael have issues with their online auction experiences! Seems like Black gets the best of Show yet again, doesn't he?

And here are the other short spots with Gaffigan. Short and sweet!

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