I'm not the only one who is a fan of NYC-based sketch group Pangea 3000. These guys are regulars at the UCB Theatre (nevermind their current show run title of "Pangea 3000 Sucks"), and on Oct. 22, they'll be part of the UCB-NY's Best of Sketch Showcase, as well as "The Best Sketch in NY Showcase" held there on Nov. 5 during the New York Comedy Festival. Coincidentally, they have uploaded a new CollegeHumor-enhanced version of one of their stage sketches today. Can you spell farts?

And this really is coincidental, as this is Pangea 3000's "Whisper Experts" sketch as performed at a recent CollegeHumor Live show at the UCB:

Furthermore: See older videos from the guys on their Pangea 3000 YouTube channel.