Scott Bateman’s reanimated “Atom Age Vampire”

What do you get when you take SNL's "Fun With Real Audio" segments, add a healthy dash of MST3K, and stir liberally? You get the work of Scott Bateman. Bateman has provided his own animated commentary on politics for years online for Salon and True/Slant, and in his spare time, decided to take the audio from the 1960 Italian horror film Atom Age Vampire and completely reanimate it with his own silent subtitled commentary. The plot and dialogue are still horrible, of course, as the original film did not actually feature a vampire. How dare they? Bateman's version of Atom Age Vampire at least includes a love triangle with a pirate! And topical jokes! Roll the trailer!

Bateman's Atom Age Vampire screens tonight with a Q-and-A at The PIT in NYC.

And if you dare, you could watch the horrifying original in its entirety…

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