Watch the trailer for Eddie Izzard’s documentary, “Believe”

Could you believe that Eddie Izzard ran about a gabillion marathons around the U.K.? Well, he did. Now believe this. It's the trailer for Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story. This documentary will be screened Oct. 3, in London, then in cinemas in Los Angeles on Oct. 9, and New York City on Oct. 16. And here's the trailer!

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One thought on “Watch the trailer for Eddie Izzard’s documentary, “Believe”

  1. that a man that can make a girl laugh can make her do anything – not as dumb as she was bldone-looking that girl);- he makes me think (thus proving that he has a brain, and he knows that his audience does too);- he makes me want to believe that with the right attitude, we CAN make the world a bettter place – and that it IS cool to care;- there is a touch of pathos asbout him that appeals to my maternal instincts;- when he sets his mind to something, he does it – no matter how long it takes;- there is an air of supreme self-confidence about him that goes oh-so-well with high heels and a push-up bra. If he was an animal, I’m sure he’d be a sleek comfortable angora cat with a wicked glint in its eye.Oh, and for the record, I’d pick (C), though I’m pretty certain he looks better in fishnets than I do!

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