Day: September 30, 2009

Jimmy Kimmel, naked, and in a sex video?! Twice, actually, but not with whom you were blogging about today. (VIDEOS)

They say one of the keys to comedy is timing. Well, how's this for timing? As all of the celebrity blogs were abuzz about reports of a reputed sex tape between one Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman being offered for sale — the Los Angeles Times reported it, too, with a spokesperson's denial – Kimmel actually was getting naked on TV and the Internet. Twice. Here he was on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, stripped down in front of Ricky Gervais: And in what can only be a coincidence (right, people?), Kimmel suggested Kevin Nealon promote the DVD of his stand-up special by putting out his very own sex tape, and then offering to help him out on that front. And back. Roll it! Congrats, Jimmy Kimmel. You picked the perfect day to put yourself out...

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Have you heard Chris Rock’s new joke about Kanye West?

"I've got nothing on Kanye…too many things rhyme with Rock." — Chris Rock, during a surprise 40-minute guest set Tuesday night at the Comedy Cellar, as the stand-up comedian worked out new material and expanded upon older jokes. Rock will appear Thursday on NBC's The Jay Leno Show. Rock won an Emmy earlier this month for writing his most recent HBO special, Kill The Messenger. Related: My review of Chris Rock's Kill The...

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