Michael Ian Black reads, reads, reads some more

Do you feel like you're already in withdrawal from Michael & Michael Have Issues? Well, if you can hold on a few weeks, you may get to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter perform live in your city. Or you can sit right down (are you sitting down yet?) and watch/listen as Mr. Black reads from his own literature for you right now. Or as soon as you click on one of these videos.

Black's book of essays, My Custom Van, is now out in paperback, and the author sits down to read one of said essays for you. It's called "Taco Party." This is going to be some f-ing taco party. Did I mention it contains profanities? Roll the NSFW clip.

Elegant Readings With Michael Ian Black: TACO PARTY – watch more funny videos

Wow. That had a lot of f-ing swearing, didn't it? Let's cleanse ourselves with a completely different MIB reading, this time from his children's book, Chicken Cheeks. In a chicken suit. Obviously.

But that's not all!

Michael Ian Black gets "Inside the Author," himself:

OK. Cleansed yet? How about one last video with Honest Abe to bring it full circle:

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