Speaking of EPIX, the cable channel's first original comedy effort will bring Lewis Black's latest stand-up special, Stark Raving Black, to screens big and small in October. The 80-minute feature was shot over two shows from Black's performances on Aug. 2 in Detroit. It'll initially screen in 16 states in the U.S. starting Oct. 8. Here's a trailer. It contains profanities. Roll it!

If you really want some more in-depth discussions with Black about his career and what he's up to, then we have that and more. After the jump, I've got almost an hour of Black talking with CBS News' Bob Schieffer in July as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival. Schieffer wanted to know how Black thought about the death of Michael Jackson, Twitter, Bush and Obama, and many questions about religion, due to Black's book, Me of Little Faith

And here is Black talking to Q TV's Jian Ghomeshi about the art of the joke and his career: