CollegeHumor takes another swipe at “Unfunny People”

Comedians love to point out the absurdities in the world around us, and mock celebrities, politicians and other powerful people who deserve to be brought down a notch or two or thirty-seven. But when comedians target other comedians for mockery, it always feels a little weird to me (and that's a little weird, too, isn't it?). Which brings us to CollegeHumor's new original video "Unfunny People," which is a take-off of Judd Apatow's summer movie, Funny People, but with jabs at prop comics instead of stand-ups, putting Gallagher and Carrot Top in their crosshairs (in the roles played in the movie by Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen):

Previously, CollegeHumor produced a music video called "Stop Carlos Mencia" featuring a number of working NYC-based comedians:

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2 thoughts on “CollegeHumor takes another swipe at “Unfunny People”

  1. Gallagher, prop comedy -pretty timely, haha.
    Sorry, but had to mention it – I see the old pro/new guy parallel works, but beyond that…I thought they were going to go after the movie instead of the safe targets instead.

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